EPL 2017/18 Thread


It seems like a tokenistic one to say to fans 'see we're going for stars'


Oh ye of little faith. I do believe the bid was made nonetheless.


If he was Henry 2.0 I'd sign him for £100 Million. Either a) you have a world class striker for more than a decade or b) Real Madrid or Barca come calling in 3-4 years paying possibly double the amount to sign him. Unless he stinks it up badly, which by the sounds of it he won't, you won't lose money on him. Have to have some real balls to outlay that on a kid...


I see charges have finally been laid over the Hillsborough disaster.

Two very senior police officers, two other ex-officers, the police lawyer and a security guard at Hillsborough have been charged.

David Duckenfeld has been charged with 95 cases of manslaughter.


I actually thought duckenfield was the new combo name for selwood and Dangerfield


Not quite EPL, but well done to England's Under 21s - living up to national stereotypes by bowing out to the Germans in a penalty shootout.


And so it was foretold.


The BBC is running an article titled "Are we no good at penalty shootouts"

Arhhh yes you are!!


And it still wasn't the worst penalty shootout attempt this week.


And people wonder why Newcastle United has been a basket case ever since Ashley took ownership of the club:


He just wants to stay in the PL and get the prizemoney, as long as they avoid relegation he thinks he has done his job. I'm surprised he didn't jump ship when they got relegated 2 years ago. Maybe needed to avoid promotion to get him out


Toons need big sam.


Rooney looking likely to move back to Everton.

Would make United supporters around the globe rejoice.


Lacazette to Arsenal pretty much confirmed, passed his medical in London today. Likely fee of 45 Million plus add-ons, club record signing. Only issue is whether he's been signed as a Sanchez replacement? If so, Arsenal are probably weaker. A lot hinges on whether Alexis stays. My gut says he will depart, meaning that his sale will more than finance the fee for Lacazette, which is a very Arsenal move...


Feel for anrsenal fans, their owners have nfi about the sporting culture there.


I like what Everton have done so far in the transfer window, getting their business done early and they have signed some good quality players. However a past-it Rooney on 250K a week, admittedly it would be a free transfer, is a bit unnecessary. I don't think he's got much left in the tank, he's been playing first-team football since he was 16-17, League, domestic cup and also European football just about every season, then on top of that being an England regular. That's a lot of miles on the clock at 31. They might do well out of shirt sales but on the footballing side I don't know why you'd get him.


Yep would rather transfers are done early. Waiting then seeing your club panic by fellaini hurts.


Absolute gun in FIFA, which I think we can all agree is the correct way to assess any real life player.


John Terry has signed with Villa.

Hope Mile Jedinak's wife is safe.

And Aaron Mooy has switched permanently to Huddersfield for 8m.


Might lose lakaku