EPL 2017/18 Thread


Spurs interested in Ross Barkly who's out of favour at Everton, but baulking at Everton's asking price of 50 mill.


Carra made a comment the other day about how it one of Everton's signings would get a game at Liverpool. Not sure if it's true but shows the disparity between the haves and the have nots in the EPL.


No way is he worth that much


Former Southampton coach bob higgins charged with 65 counts of sexual assault


Lukaku to Man U, you ■■■■■■■ beauty.


Just saw this!

Prefer him to Morata and hoped that we went for him instead as he is a quality PL proven scorer.

Eat ■■■■■ Perez you c***! Try funding Mbappe now!


Hmm, this allows rash and martial to run off lukaku, how does lukaku go with hold up play and distribution?


holy ■■■■ we're trading in stormzy.


Not as good as Morata in this aspect but if he was great at that facet of the game then he wouldn’t be at Everton and he’d be banging them in for Bayern/Real/Barca etc but he is only 24 and will boss the league next year.


Amuses me how perez single handedly ruined the good will between real and united.


Yep, happy with that. Morata is quality but would struggle in the EPL


wow, happy with that!! I thought for sure he was going to Chelsea


Some media now saying no deal has been done yet


Thats sky journos even though their news had a ticker saying fee agreed.

BBC doesn't report things unless they've got credible sources to back it up.


Get in!

Suck it Conte!


£100m in the end.
Chelsea bidding has driven up his fee.


£75m potentially rising to £90m is what I read??


Rooney off to Everton.

It'd be worth paying £100m for Lukaku if it means that the Toffees take back Wazza...

In all seriousness, thanks for all the memories Wayne and goodluck.


Thanks for holding the club to ransom and threatening to join City. Should of been sent packing years ago. Amazing goal scoring record but will never like him


Thanks for the memories Rooney. All the best