EPL 2017/18 Thread


Very very harsh. I personally think he and Sir Alex deliberately did that so those yank ■■■■■ would actually spend some money.

Rooney is a Man United legend, as a player right up there with the very best, don't let last couple of years fool you. His partnership with Ronaldo was breathtaking but sadly too short for us, Was fantastic as running back and chasing down opponents as well, he did well and I wish him well back at Everton


Officially off.

Thanks again Wayne.


Been fantastic for the club. Hope he enjoys his twilight back at his boyhood team.

Cheers Roons.


Big boots to fill. Who will be the whipping boy de jour when things go pear shaped?


Has Fellaini been shipped out yet?


Bayern 2 year loan with buy rights for James Rodriguez.

I think everyone wishes their club was as well run as bayern.



Rummenigge is by far the best in the business.


Douglas Costa to Juve - 2 year loan


Munchens know how to get ■■■■ done


Have to buy him after that which I'm comfortable with. Still a couple more signings to come but that takes care of our non EU quota


Gets a bit boring seeing all the other european countries getting ■■■■ done and the EPL teams are just sitting there holding their dicks because of the massive revenue streams they have compared to the other countries.


Bonucci for sale


Not going anywhere. Milan won't cough up what we would want for him.


Anyone watching Arsenal v Syd fc? Im liking the Gunners third kit, i just reckon it looks aeesome, but Im biased.
Game is on sbs viceland channel, didnt know it existed until tonight...Syd fc lucky to only be down the 1 goal at half time.


Maybe not.
Looks like he is gone, utter madness


£35m is daylight robbery.

He mustn't have wanted to leave Italy because surely City/Chelsea/United would have been all over him for that price.

Juventus turning into a selling club...


35mill and Kyle Walker goes for 50 :joy::joy:

Not much Juve can do, they don't like to keep players who don't want to be there and he wants to stay in Italy.


His wife is the one who wouldn't leave Italy.
The damage between Leo and other team mates aswell as the manager was at a crunch point. Pretty much Alves and Leo had to go or Dybala and several others went


Dybala at United...


Has just signed a new contract and got his way with Leo and Alves gone so I'd imagine he is pretty happy at Juve