EPL 2017/18 Thread


Kyle walker to Man City.

Perisic will leave Inter. Man U have enquired but inter want Martial.


Geez I hope we don't end up with Perisic, he is god awful


Reckon we will


FMD, the bloke is useless


Inter really don't want to sell him and are asking a very hefty price.

I can see it being another decoy whilst Woodward goes for another target, just like Lukaku.

We seriously need another stud midfielder though and I seriously have no idea why Fabinho isn't in red already.


First team looked like trash today vs LA Galaxy.

Get the cheque book out Woodward because we are a mile off it.

Seriously needs to pull his finger out for some quality players.


Hard to tell because LA are junk and only a exhibition but we annihilated them. Could of been double figures


It could have been 10-0 before the first team came on.

How Mourinho/Woodward have not targeted and signed a premium midfielder as of yet is utterly diabolical.

So much dead would still in the squad.

Lingard, Fellaini and Jones should all be gone plain and simple.




You won't LOL when we draw twice as many games as we did this year.


I know we need class midfielders. Your frothing won't change ■■■■ tho.


Neither will your sarcasm.


Because you leave ■■■■ all room for discussion without it being 'yeah we're rich ■■■■ all the other teams spend dolllars wooo ■■■■ FELLAINI' circlejerking.


italy is ■■■■■■. /s

sick montage parody.


Seems Perisic is going to United, @Aceman will be ecstatic.


He is a friggin dud. If you think Fellaini is bad wait until you see this plonker in action


£40 Million fee for Perisic.


Yeah. I'm sure we'll be competing with the likes of City and Chelsea with this squad.

LOL Mourinho/Woodward.



Ibra looking as if he will come back to United after his rehab after he re-enrolls his sons in United's youth academy.