EPL 2017/18 Thread


They have Fabio Borini in their squad. Gone from relegated Sunderland to Milan. I don’t think that would ever have happened in year’s gone by…


This thread is going to kick off on Saturday night






Lol, stick it to the dippers


It kinda weird to see Robbie Fowler looking all adult. A level headed, well groomed, wealthy, responsible man with multiple properties and not looking as if he’s just bumped half of Colombia’s finest off a Toxteth working girl.


The Plastics having a fair bit of joy down our right hand side. TAA getting exposed badly. Mata should have made it 3 even if it was a bicycle kick, but unmarked.




FFS Eric


bring on the microphone.


MOU bringing on the big gun now


Can see us copping an equaliser here.

Cracking game so far


We need to score again


Yep. Feels like only a matter of time before Liverpool score. We need a 3rd quickly


Looks like Liverpool aren’t going to get much off this ref. Sanchez should have had a yellow, I have seen handball pens given for less than that thought Salah got manhandled near the touchline nothing, but Ox (correctly) got a yellow for something silly after losing the ball and manhandling the player he lost it too.

That non substitution of Bailly looked farcical too. Great bit of time wasting or they found some miracle cure.

I must say that first goal of Rashford’s was absolutely beautiful.


hows lovrin still on the field?

and that ■■■■ klopp


Alexander-Arnold off, he’s been roasted by Rashford and Sanchez on the Utd left. Lovren lucky to escape cautioning for a couple of wild challenges. Still 2-1.


fellaini puts as much confidence in me as ty zantuck lining up for a set shot.


Cop that you pack of donkeys



What a game

Delighted with the 3 points.