EPL 2017/18 Thread


Plastics, lol. If our cups are plastic yours are invisible


Better 2nd half, but damage done in the 1st.


That was some light entertainment leading into the big one tonight.

West Brom v The Foxes


Yep - could have had a couple of pens given but then I remembered it’s Old Trafford. Pleasantly surprised by the six minutes injury time too as utd were in front. Going to be tough to keep a spot in thr top four too now.


Yeah cos Arsenal are breathing down your neck! :wink:


Fun fact: Bailly has scored more goals against United than the front 3 of Liverpool the last two seasons.

Rashford is the first player to score two goals for Man United in the first half against Liverpool…since Jamie Carragher.


Absolute scenes at the London Stadium. West Ham done 3-0 by Burnley, pitch invasions, one fan approached Mark Noble and was sat on his ■■■■, and another invader took the corner flag and ran toward the centre circle.


Imagine if West Ham supporters could afford to do West Ham Fan TV!



Isn’t @Stallion a ham fan? It was proberbly him.

Don’t feel bad stal at least you can play Millwall next season.


Apparently it kicked off BIG TIME to the point the owners had to be evacuated. LOL

Relegation is the only deserving outcome for these owners, they’ve destroyed the club.


Only thing im disappointed about is I didn’t drop a bundle on them to get relegated when the odds were good, known for months this rabble was heading for the championship.


Losing to burnley isn’t as dishonorable as it m8ght sound. They’re a good and well coached team, hence why they are where they are on the ladder.


Losing 3-0 at home to anyone is a disgrace


Would you honestly be saying the same if it was a city or utd that beat them 3 zip. I really think nobody gives burnley the credit they deserve.


We lost 3-0 to city and we are the worst side ever!


I would be saying the same no matter who the side or who their opponent is. Away I can understand but at home you shouldn’t be beaten 3-0. You park the bus and do whatever it takes infront of your home fans


Fair enough - probably been cumulative effect of the results this season rather than this result alone for west ham fans though.


This just about sums it all up, from one of the many articles being written about what happened. My favourite is the last one.

As far as picking an image to define West Ham United in its current state goes, Sunday’s back pages will have their pick.

Was it the fans holding up a banner declaring the message ‘Sold a dream, given a nightmare’?

Was it the home supporters attempting to storm the directors’ box before David Sullivan made his escape?

Was it supporters fighting between each other in the stands?

Was it Mark Noble throwing a pitch invader to the floor, like a pub fight played out in front of a live audience?

Was it the one West Ham supporter raising a corner flag above his head after entering the field, as if he was announcing that he had conquered a new kingdom?

Was it Burnley’s players having to invite young children to sit on the bench in order to keep them safe in the stands?

Was it David Gold being hit in the head with a bottle of p*ss outside the ground?


Wow that is terrible Stallion, how are you holding up?