EPL 2017/18 Thread


Honestly better, we were sleeping walking into relegation and into the next Sunderland.

We’re now going spectacularly down with a bang and hopefully this forces the hand of the owners to sell up.

It looked ugly, embarrassing and lived up to the name of why we’re the biggest banter club in the league BUT it was required and it’s finally getting everyone especially in the media to take notice of what the owners have done.


Seems the club is cursed since they moved from upton park


I can’t say I know about the relegation side of things, but I have been feeling pretty bad over the last couple of seasons and for some of us our sides’ fortunes do impact on our feelings. I think you are a pretty colourful and interesting poster and I genuinely just wanted to know that you are ok.


Drugs saga was/is 100% worse than anything else sport can throw at you.


United’s best win of the season IMO.

Jose pantsed Klopp tactically and they barely fired a shot all day and were lucky to get one back.

West Ham getting done 3-0 is horrendous. Feel for the fans and the scenes during the match were horrible. Don’t blame the fans for turning and facing the corporate boxes and targeting the owners because they looked about ready to storm it and pummel everyone inside it to death.

Poor carnts, feel for ya @Stallion.


Agree. No need for pitch invasions but I’m all for targeting the owners with abusive


There was some amazing stat that was generally bad for clubs that move to new stadiums and relegation. Arsenal was one of the few to remain competitive (immediately) after the move. Not talking about 12 or so years after :wink:


Not sure whether I should be laughing at this but there is a chance Myoes will have taken Sutherland and west ham to relegation while still having a year to run on his Man U contract


Can’t believe Joe Hart is the hammers first choice keeper. He has turned into a rubbish keeper of the last few years

I feel for hammers fans.

The were promised the world from their new stadium, yet it seems to of ripped the soul out of the club. By all reports season tickets are now more expensive since moving

They have got Moyes in charge

The owners honestly don’t seem to care at all about the club or supporters


Was it David Gold being hit in the head with a bottle of p*ss outside the ground?

Hope it’s this one. Pornographer’s golden shower!


Pr0n dwarf, absolute spiv and a half. Look at where Birmingham City are now. Himself, Gold and Brady despite good early work with an absolute rabble of a club, had a fair bit to do with leaving them in their current parlous state and the club was left to a Hong Kong show pony, hairdresser in snake skin boots who is now doing time.

West Ham should never have left Upton Park, planned prudently to expand it to about 45,000 as was near the proposal and tried to stay in the top flight for ten years straight for once, avoided relegation fights as much as possible, consolidate and move upwards towards the outskirts of the Europa League on a more regular basis. All this before a stadium shift. I feel sorry for their (mass of) true fans but the unfortunate reality is they have been a yoyo club and nobody admits to it, cos well they’ve got very good local numbers that stretch all the way from outside the East End, Romford and well into Essex. I used to slag off Spurs fans in the 90’s for thinking they were bigger than their due but to be fair, they are in that position now (for the moment at least). There is no reason why West Ham can’t do similar but they never do, they’ve been run poorly for decades now and to my limited knowledge haven’t won anything meaningful since 1980. Some clubs just seem to consistently attract poor ownership.


Nice to know we weren’t the only ones having a bad week.



Living as I do in the heart of Essex West Ham country in Brentwood (I even bought Mark Noble’s house!) the sentiment is that the club are no longer about the supporters. When we moved here 10 years ago from Melbourne I put my kids in West Ham shirts as quickly as I could to help them fit in, (and not get beaten up at school). The older generation remember the good times and so are still loyal, but these days I wouldn’t have to bother about the kids. Seems a lot of them have gone to the bigger clubs with a more media friendly profile.
It will be a great marketing challenge for the inevitable new West Ham owners to win back their traditional supporter base. Winning games will help, but so will increased involvement in the local community.

Sadly it seems this will have to be done from the Championship to help restore the fan base and move forward together.

Fark Carlton


Hows Jamie Carragher’s form


Proper scouse


Very very well said.

Yo-yo probably abit harsh, relegated 3 times in 25 years isn’t the worst but still not good enough if we’re supposedly the 10th biggest club in England though similarly Newcastle have done the same I think.

Just been sht owners after sht owners for decades from what Ive read. We finally got decent owners who had major plans and typical West Ham the worlds markets collapsed and the Iceland owners went bust.

So much potential… big supporter base despite not alot of success, London club with the East to itself, well known previously because of its Academy and it just constantly gets spunked up the wall and wasted.

Spurs was/is 100% the model we should be aspiring to, we wouldn’t get to Champions League like Spurs as they started from abit bigger base but the aim should be gradual improvement with significant investment in youth scouting/development and fighting for a Europa spot every year with the odd cup run.

Not constantly looking over our shoulder at relegation and picking up 30+ year olds on free transfers!

If we did some how escape relegation it will be just the same sht again next season just as last season was the same sht as this season. You either lose or draw most weeks, throw in the towel in FA cup ties because you’re too worried about relegation etc.

Its a boring exercise being a fan of a club in the premier league like Newcastle, West Ham etc atm.


The owners of Newcastle and West Ham are trying to stay up with as little expenditure as possible. Hence why you’re picking up geriatric free agent players like Zabaleta and Evra, bringing in loan players like Joao Mario and Joe Hart, etc. Newcastle are in a better position because they have a better manager, and I dare say their squad has less quality than West Ham, at least in attack. Given you have the 2 Manchester club, Chelsea and Arsenal in your final 8 games, that doesn’t bode well. Pretty sure you have Southampton soon, that is the definition of a relegation 6-pointer.


Seems like so long ago now that Dimi Payet was smashing them in and you guys were in Europa @Stallion.


Few injuries this morning including Harry.
Sonny is going to have to continue his purple patch.


We had payet…