EPL 2017/18 Thread


Lift your game West ham




Classy fellas those scouse


This video shows just how far we have fallen since the glory days.

The Henry goals are out of this world.


Jose: “The worst manager in history of PL - Frank de Boer 7-0-0-7 zero goals - says it is no good for Marcus Rashford to have manager like me. Maybe with him he would learn how to lose.”


Incorrect. De Boer only managed 4 games for Palace, Woy got brought in and they lost their first 3 under him. The record of 7 games, 7 losses and no goals for is a PL worst however to start a campaign.


0-4 isn’t a very good defence though…


United playing so damn negative…down 0-1 after 75 and deserve to be so.


0-2 after 78


Mourinho needs to be sacked on the spot. Deadset disgrace




1 back


Please please please sell Pogba in the summer. So sick of this show pony

Just awful stuff from both the manager and players


Love listening to talk sport at work when one of the big clubs gets dispatched.


We were never going to win the CL regardless.

I’m not even that disappointed to be honest.


We need someone on the coaching staff that can set up offensively. Can’t just wait for rashford or martial or Sanchez to do a miracle every game while choking the other team to death.


Sanchez can choke on something else :grinning:

He’s worse than Ryder in my book.


Sounds like something a Spurs fan would say.


I’m sure you’re feeling just how I felt after Saturday night.


Something a member of the prawn sandwich brigade would say.