EPL 2017/18 Thread


If Wenger actually has any integrity he should suspend Wellbeck for that dive.

Worst dive I can remember for a long time.

The ref should immediately be sacked.


Can’t beleve the ref gave that. Awful dive

Funniest comment I read was “ it wasn’t a dive, that’s just Welbeck simply trying to shoot”


He is certainly clumsy.

Should be banned for it though.

Probably fortunate that the goal didn’t mean a lot in the grand scheme of things.


Niiiice, champs league draw live


Wonder who Man U will draw? Lol


We will atleast be in next years draw


We are still a live chance😊


Poor Roma


Liverpool v Man City!


Hope City destroy Liverpool


OH shiiiiiiiiit


Looking forward to a cage match between pep and klopp with big sam from the top rope.


Hope City win the lot


Screw that.
Hopefully it’s Juve or failing that one of the Spanish sides


Geez who do utd fans prefer to win out of that tie, 2 biggest rivals with one guaranteed in the semi.


Definitely City for me


Pool for the win. Sick of money buying everything.


I agree. But when citeh play the chavs I find it hard to stomach either side winning.


Would rather Liverpool win


One guaranteed out as well