EPL 2017/18 Thread


I think the absence of a Viera-type player has been at the heart of our problems on the field and in defence in particular. He was just so big and strong and intimidating that he made everybody walk taller. And Dennis Bergkamp would have to go down as one of the very greatest of all time. What a team that was.


I found it very hard watching that video knowing how good we used to be.


Anyone know why most PL games have been postponed this weekend??

Weather?? Scheduling??


I’m assuming it’s FACup


West Ham v Man U definitely postponed.


Yep it’s a FA Cup weekend.


FA Cup weekend



Thanks lads!


VAR can FO


Correct decision with the goal being disallowed and at the end of the day that’s all we want to see.
It works brilliantly in other comps in th world it’s really time for the EPL to get up with the times


Salah is a freak of nature. On a hat trick against Watford, and has become the highest scoring Liverpool player, in a debut season, in history. He is going to blow that record out of the water seeing at its only March!

With Kane injured, he is odds on to win the golden boot now.


Salah hat trick. Un-freaking-believable!!


First LFC hat-trick for the Egyptian King. 4-0 Liverpool, Firmino with the other goal. Great response at home to last week’s defeat.


Make that 4!!! :flushed::flushed:


Glad to see Salah play this week after filing that missing persons report for him at OT last week


Speaking of missing persons, where’s that £90 Million lamp post who masquerades as a midfielder?


Whole side was missing today. Shocking performance but 2-0 and through to the Semi finals


As opposed to the £75m I think he’s a center back?


Correct decision? Lol. I think you, the VAR and the ref are the only three that think it was offside. Even ManU and Liverpool fans saying it wasn’t offside.


I think in soccer it disrupts the natural flow of the game, and often there are still interpretations to make. I have no problem with the goal line technology. That’s explicit, did the ball cross the line or not? And the ref gets an alert on his watch. But offsides are still arbitrary, especially for tight calls. And penalty decisions. Was there contact? Was there enough contact to justify the player going down? Was there a dive? And for handball, was it intentional? Was the arm in a natural position? Then decisions regarding fouls and whether it is a straight red. I say let the refs call the game and unless it is an absolute howler of a decision then leave it.