EPL 2017/18 Thread


I love their gold shirt! Good to see them back in the top flight. Thought Cardiff were just about nailed on for 2nd but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Fulham apparently play some decent stuff so it would be nice to see them back up again. Ryan Sessegnon is getting rave reviews and most of the big PL teams showing an interest in him…


Are Kenny Wagstaff and Derek Dougan still playing?


Dave Wagstaffe? Kenny played for Hull City :grinning:


You were onto something when Salah got number 11. He was the marquee striker! Now he is also the Player’s Assocation Player of the year.


Fk ya’s, could have finished stoke off


Hopefully won’t have to worry about playing Stoke next season :joy:


Saw a tweet saying that if Burnley beat Brighton (0-0 HT) and Leicester lose (down 2-0 half time) they will qualify for Europe. How does that work? Chelski is in 5th and Arsenal is in 6th with a game in hand.


3 Europa spots for the EPL.
-5th placed side (Chelsea)
-League Cup winner (City) so their spot is given to 6th in the league (Arsenal)
-FA Cup winner (United/Chelsea) so their spot is given to 7th in the league which is Burnley.

If Arsenal go on and win the Europa they would enter the CL but another spot wouldn’t be handed out


Ok, thanks. Cant believe EPL gets 7 spots in Europe


Yeah I would love it if there were no EPL trips to visit the orcs of Mordor! We would almost certainly draw them in a cup or two though.


Another earlish fixture for you all to enjoy the shower of sh*t I follow, if this afternoon wasn’t enough for you.

I think we might shift 5+ goals tonight.


So might we. I hate the mancs more than any other soccer team.


not even gonna watch tonight, 3 of my sport followings got done in this weekend.


Mop head wins it in injury time to pretty much wrap up second spot


And let’s hope it is one of the last times we see him play.

Can’t even remember the last time we beat the ■■■■ twice in one season.


He’s about to sign a new contract


Should not go unpraised or forgotten https://twitter.com/SkySportsPL/status/990628479979974657

I was surprised but not surprised. Fantastic gesture by at least one bloke I did not know had it in him, but suspected it was starting to come to the surface. Massive resepect for Manchester United, the supporters and Sir Alex and Jose.


Don’t swear at me like that, Ross.

I’ve had enough heartbreak for one weekend.


Oh yeah, Rangers lose 5-0 to celtic, Arsenal lose 2-1, Essington do their thing, Melbourne City lose 2-1, Lakers don’t even make the playoffs (at least we didn’t lose) and boston go through to the next round. And chuck in Essington on Anzac Day…Good Times.


At least the Hoops beat Rangers. And the Braves beat the Phillies 2 games to 1.