EPL 2017/18 Thread


Jose to @BBCSport on Fellaini future: “I think a player that grabs the crest after scoring is telling clearly that he wants to stay. I want him to stay, the club wants him to stay, I think he will stay, it is nearly there.”


Where’s the thumbs down button when you need it?


Just read their are only 11 teams guaranteed to play Premier League next year. Looking forward to this weekend.


Mathematically. I reckon realistically there’s only 4 teams that can make up the bottom 3.
West Brom

Reckon Huddersfield & West Ham are safe.

I look forward to being completely wrong.


Hmmm…Huddersfield have Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal to play.
Swansea have 3 winnable games in Bournemouth, Stoke and Southampton.
Southampton have Everton, Man City and Swansea
Stoke have Palace and Swansea


One of Swansea, Huddersfield or West Ham will get relegated imo.

Think southampton will sneak out.


I reckon Southampton will just survive, same with west ham

Swansea on paper have the best run in and their last 2 games are at home which is huge.

If stoke win their last 2 games, Huddersfield will go down, they won’t even get a point from their last 3 games. They are facing big teams who still have a point to prove for different reasons


West Ham vs Millwall next season pls


do the right thing so mooy can stay in the PL.


Hmm can’t see this ending in tears…

Great players are not always great coaches/managers. I hope Stevie G bucks the trend.


I find this a very odd appointment. I think he has only been coaching at for a year and its within the Liverpool Academy. It almost feels like Liverpool have tried to set this up so if he succeeds they can bring him back after a few years and manage them, if he fails then to all the fans wanting Gerrard they can point to a failed run at Rangers.


Lost 1-0 on the road to Brighton. A tad disappointing but hats off to Brighton who have now assured their safety


Many of these former name players who stroll into big jobs without much apprenticeship are a train wreck waiting to happen. Not all but most. Do your time at say Northampton Town or Barnsley.

I’m no LFC fan but I’ve always liked Gerrard. I’m also not familiar with the goings on with Rangers upstairs in the boardroom right now but I’d imagine it’s probably one of the toughest gigs in football. Some jobs are a poisoned chalice. Now is probably the time he’s ready for that MK Dons job.


He will have to be a pretty special manager and person to succeed off the back of minimal experience. Not sure who said it, but they are correct in saying that Gerrard’s aura from his playing career is fine around kids, some of whom were boyhood Reds and idolised him. But alongside seasoned professional footballers it will quickly wear off if he is out of his depth. If he survives more than a full season, he will probably be a success in management. But Gary Neville’s experience at Valencia is something of a yardstick of a great playing getting a big first managerial job and not being able to handle it…


Woke up to see a timeline of notifications for the game, we had a goal that was disallowed? or a misfire?

but something that bothers me about the post match press conference was jose saying ‘ha see, this is why i don’t play certain players over others’. for me this is complete horse ■■■■, you hold these players back so that when they finally get a chance theres so much pressure they put on themselves and externally from journalists and ■■■■■■■■ fans (like us for essendon, but whatever) that they choke more often than not, can’t you see the hypocrisy.

in other news on the gerard appointment, made me think of giggs’ who seemed to want to walk into the united job but instead took a few years grand standing before finally taking a job somewhere. not saying the same with pool/gerard now but its interesting that gerards set up to either prove himself of fail which makes life so much easier for pool. if he succeeds klopps successor, fails they can keep going through managers after klopp until someone works.

Anyone else find it interesting how most great managers had nothing to do with the club they became manager of until they did, generally? so this whole succession plan of the golden child thing bemuses me in most sports.


On gerard i think there were too many hurdles for him to truly succeed.

first was the language barrier, having to go through a translator, that unless you have prodigal genius translating for you and one that truly understands football (mourinho @ barca) it generally won’t work, unless someone can prove me wrong.

second was his career as a pundit, generally i think players don’t quite respect pundits because of the things they can say about them, and being a foreign one probably stacked up against him.

third, wasting so much time caring about salford FC, and the netflix doco.

fourth missing that scouse wanker on his tv show.


Fellaini scored in the opening minutes but was correctly ruled offside. Opening half we barely threatened and only once we went behind early in the second half did we start to look interested. Their goal was correctly awarded after VAR consultation as it just crossed the line on replay. Mourinho was doing the right thing resting guys for the FA Cup and I think if he gets his way he will swing the axe in the offseason, he was filthy after the game. I really don’t see much future for Martial or Rashford at the club


I just think his axe swing will miss the mark, we’ll lose talented young forwards, and keep the giant poodle…


He loves the mop head so he will stay


Everyone who talks about Gerrard having no experience…presumably they were in favour of James Hird’s appointment.