EPL 2017/18 Thread


They failed to score against Wolves in October 17.



Wolves celebrating promotion today in front of a massive crowd in open top buses. It will be great for the city.



If I were Klopp the best thing he could do tactically is make up with his Assistant that left…I don’t think they have won a game since he left.


The problem is we don’t have much depth and I think we’ve overplayed our main players this season. Most of our players look absolutely gassed and the injuries we have atm haven’t helped.





In one part it’s amazing and the in the other part, the guy is a total flog.


Southampton beat Swansea away 1-0

If Swansea win their last game against Stoke at home, they will go past Huddersfield if Huddersfield fail to pick up a point.


It’s kinda funny. I could understand if he was a Port Vale fan but why? Do Arsenal have some more recent resentment towards Stokies that I have no idea about? I know they’re not popular with some, they have a nawwty element, their stadium on the edge of town, gets a freezing howling gale and the potteries is an armpit.


Ryan Shawcross’ tackle on Aaron Ramsay. Look it up. The fact Ramsay gets booed every time he sets foot on the Britannia Stadium is as bizarre as it is disgraceful given he was the victim of an awful and reckless challenge. Glad to see them out of the PL.


Ahh right, gee that’s basic behavior with a bit of non thinking pack mentality chucked in for good measure. Like how scrappy AFL is becoming (lots of tackling and pressure acts to the fore), I basically think the English game stylistically often looks a bit rubbish these days (its too fast and too much upper body shielding) and can really only be bothered watching my own team (if that) who are too ■■■■ for the EPL. I’ve watched a handful of games on sbs over the past few years but not many and completely missed the incident. Cheers.


Huddersfield have Chelsea (who have a sniff at top 4) and Arsenal (Wegner last game) so won’t be a walk in the park.

Swansea have an already relegated Stoke.


Or don’t look it up. I don’t think I have seen it yet, nor the Eduardo one either.


Huddersfield get their point at Chelsea to guarantee safety


Great effort for them to stay up. Arsenal continue their laughable away record with another loss, 3-1 to Leicester. Had a man sent off early and did draw level after falling behind, but still that is ZERO points on their travels thus far in 2018. LOL!!


Spurs guarantee CL and move two points ahead of Liverpool.


I’m a freaking genius!


apparently we played this morning.