EPL 2022/23

Raises the tantalising prospect of a club hiring Lampard and Gerrard as joint managers. If they persist long enough they’ll work out how that arrangement might work.

And to think that some “expert” pundits had Steve Cooper as favourite to be first EPL coach sacked.

He’s already outlasted quite a few.


Not to mention, his CEO.

That’s a weird story, whatever happened.

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Still not getting too carried away, a long way to go and it is Arsenal.

Our results have been excellent but all the good sides (that we have played, cos earlier in the season when we were top we had not played any good sides yet) have pushed us. Won by a goal against chel$■■■, liverpool (from memory) and uniturd on the second occasion, have not beaten the barcodes from 1 meeting and have not played Haaland FC yet.

Well placed but like Spiderman, Far From Home! And certainly not what I would have expected pre-season.

On the upside Trossard only needs 9 more games for his winners medal! :wink:


United win 3-0 at Forest in the first leg but score flattered us. Forest had several good chances and a close one ruled out by VAR when the score was 1-0.
Overall United were the better side but still looked suspect at the back a few times

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Yep, definitely the better side.

The third goal really disappointed me. We make some terrible defensive errors, even allowing a “chasing the game” excuse.

A bees ■■■■ VAR and a couple of missed chances (MGW only lacks finishing in his game, if he finds that he’ll be top notch), could’ve been a little more competitive.

Doubt Bielsa would ever take on a role without being able to have a full preseason with the squad first to get up to his insane fitness levels.

If you’re wanting to stay up, he’d just about be the worst manager you could think of to appoint. He sets his teams up so naively. If they don’t appoint Sean Dyche or a manager of that type that will get them organised, hard to break down and fight tooth and nail, they might as well pack it in. Also talk of Hasenhuttl. But if you go Bielsa you might as well have stuck with Lampard…

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Sam Allardyce…come on down!

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Articles are coming out about the financial strife Man United are in. Making a loss of 2-3 million per week.

Apparently UEFA have been having crisis talks about FFP situation with Arnold. Could be looking at huge fine and points deficit for next season, if they don’t start selling players in the (UK) Summer

Makes the Ronaldo decision in 2021 even more puzzling. That and the Greenwood situation really hurt them.

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Nah, it calls into question the glazers ownership, United generated enough cash to be the biggest club in the world but instead they’ve skimmed billions. ■■■■ glazers.

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Glazers went into debt to purchase the club, then gave the debt to the club to pay off.

Profits that the club makes goes to the Glazers. Then the cost of any new players goes on top of that growing debt, including Manager payouts.

The club is an absolute financial mess.

The Ronaldo decision keeps being brought up as some huge financial f*ck up, which has caused the club huge problems financially.

It’s not even in the top 20 for financially poor decisions.

Van de Beek, Wan Bassaka, McGuire, Fred & Sancho . These 5 players together cost £250 million and they’re all seat warmers (at best).

And the club would struggle to get £100m back from selling them.

the Ronaldo Acquistion is fine, they would’ve sold more merch than he cost.

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They didn’t even have to pay him out

How is that even allowed?

its called leveraging debt

Glazers have done exactly what they set out to do. Made huge amounts of money.

Ronaldo’s impact was on the performance of the club (which he arguably helped sink) and player wages.

Some of the transfers have also been horrendous, although I think its a little early on Sancho, Fred has been solid as has Wan Bassaka.