Essendon V Gold Coast Post Match Thread

Still two practice matches to go, but from that thurlow will get the nod for the upgrade I would think

hardingham looks to be a better option than stein, and winders, chappy and kommer will have dell covered

Where the faark was Orazio?

Happy with tonights game considering the strength of the respective sides. Some promising signs by the lads. Zaka was awesome

Dell too slow for AFL

I am Smythy.

I am fkg smythy and so is my fkg wife, every fkg year

Ha I think there's more posts mocking how people react on here, than there are actual people taking this more than anything other than a meaningless praccy game.


who cares if we won or lost, was more about gearing up for rd 1. not the best start, not cos we lost moreso cos of the ■■■■ greasy conditions, but ya move on to next week.


Only thing i'd say for certain is, well in my opinion, Steinberg offers nothing to the senior side and again imo won't make it. Hardy is finished. that blunder in the last qtr is why he should never set foot in the backline ever again, Tis sad cos I liked when they got him, but he's too much of a liability.

Need to work out the streaming issues before the season proper, so frustrating

That one error sums up Hardy. Dumb and a slow learner.

Leroy just ok.  Dell too slow for seniors.

Dell was a bit backy

If we’re going to write off people’s career off one fkg nab challenge game, lets write off JOE. Did you see that set shot from 25 out on the full? Will not make it

ffs, hardy was good

Is there any type of update on Browne?

Doesn't look great but the coverage was pathetic in terms of seeking an update. Had a serious looking brace on but I remember crameri wearing a similar one after Daniel Merrett landed on him in a tackle. I'm not holding my breath though.

How the hell did allastair lynch get a gig, you know your bad when you make brad Johnson look like a seasoned commentator.

with our 1st choice mids they will make more use of our rucks


Hit outs: Ryder 32, Thurlow 15  -  Nicholls 9, Gorringe 8


Kicks: Ryder 8, Thurlow 4 -  Nicholls 1, Gorringe 1


Handballs: Ryder 4, Thurlow 7  -  Nicholls 5, Gorringe 6

How anyone that can’t kick a footy makes it into the AFL amazes me, but to still be unable to execute the games most important skill after so long on an AFL list is even more baffling.

If we're going to write off people's career off one fkg nab challenge game, lets write off JOE. Did you see that set shot from 25 out on the full? Will not make it
ffs, hardy was good

Joe faithfully recreated Zantuck's missed goal from 2005.

Irony was Hardy had three clear free options changed his mind picked the hardest and still missed by 15 ft. His decision making like Colyer is the bigger issue.

Who are all the 1st choice and ball winning mids that people say we were missing?
Jobe - Yep.
Goddard - mmmm yep OK.
Who else?

I think the Hardy criticism was for his turn over with about 10 minutes to go. Had the ball from a mark at CHB and had two free players on the wing. He turned his back on them and went for an off-balance kick to a man under pressure in the corridor. Ball turned over and went into their forward 50 eventually resulting in a goal to Matera.


I agree overall he looked pretty good. Did some nice things up forward and is clearly ahead of Steinberg. But that brain fart is exactly why so many get frustrated with him. It was an awful decision when we were a goal and half up.

That free and goal for the headbutt charge with a few minutes to go was garbage.  I thought it was clear that headbutter is supposed to get penalised. Take that incorrect decision away and we won.


All in all some decent play but got very sloppy in the last quarter.

Who are all the 1st choice and ball winning mids that people say we were missing?Jobe - Yep.Goddard - mmmm yep OK.Who else?


Hardingham was very good up forward until the last 5 minutes when he showed the most lamentable decision making possible (as only he can) and the resultant score/goal gave GCS the heart to play on.


Seriously, I cannot believe how much GCS rely on Ablett still. He doesn't play and they wouldn't have kicked half the score they did.


Liked Ashby across half back very much. Calm, one touch player, uses the ball well. Gleeson good early but still way too skinny.  Kav good in patches.  Browne cursed. Zac Merrett too small yet to play AFL but moves well. Jackson Merrett very good.


Thurlow showed definite ability. Cumbersome kicking action but competed well and seemed to make good decisions.


Greasy conditions killed any chance of JD & Carlisle dominating.....all bar one of their goals cam from snaps/general play.


We were destroyed out of the middle for most of the night (lost the first 6 centre clearances I think) and we have to find a ball magnet inside mid to play when Jobe doesn't play.  Would help too if Paddy good actually not keep palming the ball straight to the opposition but he had a good game and had a good work out.


Our transition from defence to attack in the first half was excellent and fell away latter in the game as everyone understandably tired.


Dell neither quick enough or powerful enough to play a burst through role across HF...full credit for trying though.


Add Watson, Goddard, Myers, Melksham, Winderlich, Chapman, Fletcher, Bellchambers, Dempsey and we look to have right blend of experience and youth.


Just need someone like Edwards to come in with some youthful speed & skill to provide X Factor.

I thought Jetta was going to be recruit of the year for us

Then I watched the second half.

Howlett. That is all.