Essendon vs Geelong - Review

Same same.

Bittom six need to get into the game more. First year players starting to look tired.

Parish needs same contract as Merrett.

Mids look good but will be even better with better depth from the team.

Forwards run into each other or leave it for each other.

Backline needs a general.


Darcy Parish is a genuine superstar.

He will end up being our greatest player since James Hird.


Got outplayed by a bigger and better team tonight, who would’ve thought.
We wet our pants the second they lifted their pressure and were once again unable to stop a run of goals. Getting damn sick of it.

Darcy Parish is a fkn gun. Zach tried his gut out. I love Lav.

BT is a deadset shocker of a commentator.


Darcy Parish hold your head up high. Your an absolute superstar.


A very very very familiar script tonight.

We did a lot right but just couldn’t buy a mark inside 50 during our periods of dominance, meanwhile the opposition’s almost-past-it older players turn in their best performances of the season.

It’s hard to be too displeased at a young side being out-muscled in the wet and there are still plenty of positives, but the forward line is still a huge concern.

-Parish keeps finding new ways to amaze, phenomenal
-Stringer is in fantastic form as well
-Smith infinitely better than last week (that said, still nowhere near his best)
-Snelling was excellent first game back
-On a dirty night for our key forwards, Jones made the most of very limited opportunities
-2MP was fairly solid and should probably displace Hooker at FF


i was expecting worse

next 5 games on our home deck, 3 versus joke teams. strong finish to the season coming up.


I think its time we employ a forwards coach and perhaps develop a plan to deliver the ball to them, perhaps even on leads or something.

I’m afraid Hooksey is cooksey.


I’ve moved on, am watching the leftovers


We aren’t going to play finals now, so let’s start planning for the future.

I want to see Reid and Durham playing next week. Give Hooker a rest too.

I don’t care if we lose the majority of our remaining games. I want a top 5 pick.

Nothing will be gained from us limping to 9th-12th. EMBRACE THE TANK!!!


Well, what can ya say aye. A game we were never supposed to win in a season we were expected to finish bottom 4.

But, after that first quarter of really good play, then came the collapsing of skills, terrible individual performances, terrible style of play and how we went inside 50 - its hard not to be frustrated.

We really need to target some key position players this trade / draft period. I have no idea who, and I have no idea how but we have to.

And the coaches still have a big job of getting this game style further developed, especially when it comes to defensive structuring and moving the ball inside 50 which are serious concerns right now.

It’s hard to be patient after 2 decades of being basically a joke of the competition, I just hope that we’re actually heading to promised land.


I know we lost and all that but one thing I found troubling was why was Yasser Arafat in the Geelong coaches box.


Can we give up 2 first rounders for a marking target inside 50 Then can we put a roof approximately 30 meters above the training paddock so they actually learn to kick the ball properly :pray::man_shrugging:

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Play like we did tonight and Crows etc will beat us

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We need to get some good forwards. A lot of young Bomber fans can’t remember the peak of Lloyd and Lucas.


9 goals between Hawkins and Cameron (who only played one quarter). 1 goal between Hooker and Jones. Combination of players and delivery but there’s your difference right there.


I actually thought Merrett was better than Parish tonight


Darcy Parish: “WTF is an Uncontested Possession???”


Nope, incorrect

We’ll see

Harry Jones will be one. Still needs to develop, but pretty confident he’s going to be a gun key forward.