Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?




Pazza. Pls.


I agree with pazza that he was good early in the year.
I’m not saying we should pick him up, but there are plenty of players who will be on lists next year who are way worse than him


Added - Carlton: Mullet, O’Shea, (Shaw, Glass-McCasker)


We have our own plebs.


Nope. Average inside mids we have enough of.

Only off casts we should be looking at is to provide depth in areas of need.


we should pick them all up in the hope of turning one or two into guns so we can laugh at FC.
I’ve never heard of 2 of them. I think I’ve heard of O’shea…did he come from GWS?




That Glass-McCasker dude must be super bad. He couldn’t even get a game in the 1’s at any point.


Blues only took the first 3 of those players last year

Horrific talent identification & list management really


Absolute butcher of the ball.
Don’t want


Remember when we were sussing out Koby Stevens, two years ago?!?


There’s a reason they’re trash.










Remember 2 years ago, or whenever, post the draft everyone was shocked G-M hadn’t been picked up. Then Carlton “won” the rookie draft after getting him.

Tough for the kid though.


This might be just me, but even if I’m a little bit hungry, I’m not going to go check out the sandwich a homeless person threw in the bin.


Could be worth a rookie spot.


Well, we’ve also potentially got Fletcher and Hanna to be drafted this year depending on how we rate the two of them.