Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?


That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

Why would any good young player want to go to st Kilda?

Who’s his manager?


If Tom Browne throws enough farking darts at a dart board,he is bound to hit a bullseye at some stage.



I know!! He’s starting to lose a bit of credibility here!!

He only had some from me cause of last year with Stringer!


“Tom Browne reporting that Darcy Moore hates football and hates his life so wants to voluntarily waste his prime years at the StKilda Football Club”


May have some merit to it if the AFL is involved and added incentives through their under table equalisation efforts??

Saints have some talent there, and could easily turn it around Vis-à-vis Lions with the right personnel / structures in place.

Not sure Richo will be part of that for much longer, especially if Riewoldt gets on the board, … so there may well be a rejuvenation in play.


he doesnt have any prime years



Not sure Moore fits the trash thread criteria

St Kilda do though


I don’t think the Lions are a good to example to use of turning it around. They might be heading in the right direction. Maybe. They won more games under crazy Vossy.


Darcy Moore forward or back?


remember the good times when @theDJR was over the moon that steinberg had him in his pocket the entire game?




Moore would be a good get for St K.


He can replace freeman as the talented overpaid rehab captain.


No, I don’t.

I do vividly remember corpsing when, right in front of me, someone gave a first-year (?) Moore a tiny little push as the ball went of bounds at Windy Hill… and his hamstring exploded. Never been able to take him seriously since that.



There’s talent there.


Ricky Nixon put that on Twitter last week! Browne has NFI, let’s be honest.


Tom Browne reporting player X could be a chance of going to one of 17 clubs in next months trade period.


There was less ■■■■ in my colostomy bag this morning than in a Tom Browne report.

This wasn’t a great example


Funny how Tom Browne last year was a very credible source when suggesting Stringer was coming to Essendon, yet has no idea this year!

Blitzington please


Given he’d have a direct line to Connors he pretty much just says what Connors wants him to.

Last year it was probably more about just getting the Dogs to accept he was going to EFC only. Weren’t too many keen on Jake.

This year likely playing clubs off against each other is the way to try to increase $$.

Even if EFC preferred destination and our offer is still very strong in line with top earners in payment structure of our team still rolls out:

“Ooooh st kilda offering something too good I knock back”. Trying to bring about FOMO