Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!

Probably a little of the first two. The health thing doesn’t interest me. I’m pretty healthy anyway and I eat meat. Not a heck of a lot of it, though. I like the taste of it. I don’t much like what the industry does to the environment but apparently I haven’t lined it up enough to quit eating it. That’s why an alternative is attractive to me.

Fair enough.
Factory farming is pretty abhorrent when you start watching the videos.
For myself, I’ve started ordering meat from a local organic farm whereby all the produce is grass fed, and the abattoirs used are of the highest standard.
The deliveries are even made by the farmer himself.

Whilst the topic is way over my head from an environmental impact perspective, supporting a local farmer in this way is surely a huge improvement.

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Yep. That’s a noble approach. Grass fed beef is definitely better. Better nutrient profile too. Bit the same as eating a home grown chicken. They just taste better.


Only one or two problems with it at this point though. …

However, when it comes to sodium , the plant-based burgers are packing in far more salt than their meat -based counterparts. The Beyond Burger has 380 mg of sodium , 16% of the total recommended daily limit. Comparing the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger reveals extremely similar nutritional info.Jun 10, 2019

I’ll stick to my norm burger for the moment I think. I’m not going to have a coronary just for the kudos of saying I was at the Vanguard of the meatless revolution,… no thanks.

The HJ’s meat free burger has more calories than the regular burger aswell.
I don’t envision the day where I’ll ever have a meal that doesn’t contain meat, especially pork

So after 6 patties you’ve hit your salt intake? Also what’s the salt content of a pre made patty from woolies/Coles.

If you’re staying away from the ■■■■ on the middle shelves the salt won’t matter. I’m finding I have to grind salt into my meals to get a decent amount of sodium.

They don’t work for everybody. Mrs hambo has meuniers disease which requires her to be on a very low salt diet, Not low, VERY LOW. One of these burgers would send her deaf.

What about msg?

Damn. That’s a bummer.

I dunno about that, interesting point. I’ll look into it because it’s pretty hard to make a meal (I’m the cook) with good flavour without a little salt.

It seems like th G in MSG is a good flavour enhancer. Unfortunately the S is for sodium which is the main problem. MSG might work for us if used sparingly compared to salt. Thanks @barnz

My prob with Beyond Meat is the cost. I like the Linda Mac mozza burgers which you can pick up in Woolies for $5 a pair. They won’t appeal to the diet conscious but my meat eating kids and grand kids knock them down without complaints.
Admittedly a lot of the others are rubbish, but jeez, they’re only burgers, just smother them with onions and sauce like meat burgers.
I’ve never had an edible “steak” alternative but the Chinese products I’ve tried could double as tasteless shoe leather.
PS Someone asked earlier why eat the alternatives. There are any number of reasons but one of my key motivations that rarely gets mentioned is simple curiosity.

I don’t eat them for health reasons as they’re most likely not a “healthy” food option, regardless of them being plant based, but rather as a treat.

They offer a meat-free /comfort food option for those who don’t want to eat meat.

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Agree! Who eats a burger for health reasons

I just want them to lab grow real meat.

Using less land and importantly less water for Ag is a good thing.

Rebel Whopper burger out now.
zero % beef
100% taste

The US version si called the impossible whopper


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REBEL eh? :roll_eyes:


Doesn’t seem too bad.

3 meals a day so 16% is kinda good.(it’s lower than 33%)

Unless your eating a couple of bags of chips on top of the meals.