Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!





I can’t say I’ve herd of that mob before.
But you surely don’t think the puns will be put out to pasture that easily.


Thanks goodness they don’t charge anything for this bull.


This could become our loin in the sand thread.

This could become our loin in the sand thread.

Far less aggravating than sand in your loin threads …


That’s bellow standard.

That's bellow standard.

Going by some of these puns, I’m tipping this threads being grass fed …


This thread has been milked dry for puns. I’ve been stewing on it but can’t come up with any more


Grass fed and definitely baked.

I'd like to contribute more to this but it's just way too cold for getting too clever down here today. It's absolutely fresian!

No problem. Just put on a jersey.


We’ll be Hereford ever making puns in this thread.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who has posted puns in this thread on the quality of their work. No one has butchered anything. And that is a rare, well medium rare, thing. So, well done everybody.


This thread is a mis-steak


I’m still marbleing at the efforts to steak the claim of best pun.

I like most of them, but sometimes I have no clue wagyu guys are on about.


Ha ha ha! BSD wins the meat raffle. That was truly blue ribbon.


Cud we stop with the offal puns? I think we’ve herd enough now


Nice try Juicy. You deserve a pat on the head for it too.


Hey boot, I pasture calf-eteria the other day. I found it over the moon.


click here for video:


JUST Vegan Egg Will Be Available To Buy Online Next Month

The highly-anticipated product is currently available through several eateries

The product will be available to buy in the States soon (Photo: JUST)

Plant-based tech startup JUST has announced that its highly anticipated Vegan Eggwill be available for US customers to buy from online retailer Jet from late August.

The product - a vegan alternative to scrambled egg - is based on a mung bean protein isolate, described by the brand as ‘an egg substitute that contains the same amount of protein as a chicken egg, with zero cholesterol’. JUST says its product takes 77 percent less water to produce than traditional egg - and emits 40 percent fewer greenhouse gases.

It is currently available in Veggie Grill outlets, as well as Flore restaurant in San Francisco and Equinox Restaurant in Washington DC. It is also available at vegan-friendly supermarket and deli chain Green Common in Hong Kong.


I like my meat burgers with extra meat and my eggs to be freshly laid and taken from the mother thanks.

I like grass fed and free range is best. If you know the farmer all the better.


Whilst chooks aren’t the worst when it comes to environmental footprint at least the option is there. If they can print a decent steak, lamb chop, pork roast, salmon fillet, aged cheddar one day that’d be grand.