Favorite Places To Eat


I miss Cafe Armenia in Carnegie soooo damn much. Another one of those tiny little places with crappy lino on the floor and tacky prints on the walls, but holy god the food was incredible.


Cumulus Inc in the city is now one of favourite places to eat. just great food, great drinks, and if you get in early enough you can enjoy without having to line up. just go the $75 per head option and that should do the job.

Dexter in Preston is also up there, but plenty different
PickleBack - a shot of bourbon followed by a shot of pickle juice AhhhhhhhMAZing
Meat Donut. Think hot Jam donut, but instead of jam there is a delicious smoky brisket ragu. mind blowing
The Brisket is the best dish of the mains, but its actually too full on in flavour, too rich after youve had a few of the above dishes.


Dandelion in Elwood.

Expensive, but the best Thai Food outside of Thailand anywhere I have been.


China Doll, Woolloomooloo Wharf, Sydney

Some of the nicest crispy pork belly with a nam prik type chilli sauce…

Great place to visit and have a drink in the bar that is built inside the old wharf building. Right next to the Garden Island naval base, HMAS Kuttabul.


La lupa Tyabb…


Northern Git in Thornbury. Kind of a pub/restaurant.

Great food, good selection of beers, the house made charcuterie selection was a stand out.


Yep. Wife says it’s pretty good there. Has a few good beers on tap from memory too.

Further South, in Northcote (or Ruckers Hill if you’re being fancy ffs) this place is currently a great place.

Tahina - is some kind of Israeli street food cafe, take away food store. Not much seating, but the meals come fast, and if you sit at the ‘bar’ you’ll see them making it. I presume it’s vego, but don’t let that turn you off.

It’s in the place with the giant fibreglass fish on the awning. The one people were taking trying to have heritage listed ffs

The meals are either a multitude of tasty ingredients in a pita, or some kind of larger dish served on a multiple plates with salad, cooked beans and pita and dips. I think there’s also some soups,

Really good.

Warning tho, pretty heavy on the garlic, and if this food is different to your normal fare it may result in lower GI disturbance for a couple of days.


Mels’ kitchen.


If you find yourself cruising the Tasmanian Central Highlands you can do a lot worse than grab a feed at the Bronte Park Chalet. Amazing place. Roaring fire, friendly local rednecks at the bar, and seriously generous serves of very well cooked food. Amy the chef sure knows her stuff. There are all sorts of things on the menu, although we stuck to pretty traditional pub food this visit. But we will be back.

My porterhouse was cooked to perfection, and the size of a steak Fred Flinstone would have eaten. The pepper sauce was amongst the best I have ever tasted.

Darli’s calamari salad was delicious, and once again of Flintstone proportions.

Just remember if you go there, use the correct entrance. The wombats don’t like sharing theirs.


God damn, now I want a steak for lunch.


This was good for ribs etc. Amazing brussel sprouts.



What is it with places putting steaks/schnitzels on top of the chips though? Just makes them soggy and ruins them.


Absolutely agree.
A pet hate of mine.


Absolutely hate this. In fact so much so, I once started a Facebook page on it. And I have Facebook even more.


I got taken to Stones Bar & Grill in Melton the other night. Surprisingly good food; the meals are massive, probably why there were so many really obese people there. The 450 gm rib eye was not available but the 800 gm rib eye was; a lady with a group celebrating a hens night near us had one and it was huge; with potatoes and salad as well. Down it all went !!

I noticed that they also put the meat on top of the chips, so when I ordered I asked for the chips to be in a bowl on the side; no problems Sir !!

Now any trip at night to Melton is an adventure and if you find the wheels still on the car it is a bonus, but there are booze buses everywhere, so of course I had to be the designated driver.


George Jones in Pascoe vale is great to breakfast

For dinner, coda and Tonka (same owners, ones modern Asian, ones modern indian) are brilliant.

Going to Ezard this Saturday, haven’t been for about 7 years, hope it’s still as good


Miles End Bagels
Pretty much the corner of Nicholson and Johnson st Fitzroy.

Makin great bagels and all the old school toppings, coffees looking goods too.

Been there every weekend this last month


Whateva the misses cooks up is sweet for me!


Cutler & co


Went to Rafferty’s on the highway just before you get out of Warrnambool to the west on Friday.

Very pleased with the Mixed Grill.

Decent piece of porterhouse, snag, bacon, crumbed chop, mushies, egg, heap of chips (to the side) and chicken breast. $34.50 though.

My sister went the seafood basket and was pretty pleased with it.