Flog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Sam, not you, although…:wink:




There’s another thread called #FARKINGCARNTPOSTING. Might be more your cup of poison.

I’m too helpful to carnts. FLOG


I’m the guy that goes up to people outside in Winter and say 'Cold isn’t it?"

Like no ■■■■ you flog.


I have (and occasionally wear) a cap like this…image


Do you have a beard and drink Melbourne?


Only on track days :wink:


I say “Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights” - which takes longer than just flicking the switch.

Such a FLOG


Yeah, what’s the point of going to the footy and not dress up in footy gear? You’re meant to show your allegiance and passion.


I’ve stated several times that I beleive having a “welcome to country” for almost every little thing is tacky and stinks of white mans guilt. We even had one when a previous workplace moved into a new office.



…and Beer Gut!! Wooooo!!! beer


If you had a straight black one… does it still make you a flog?


I always make a big show about asking the taxi driver how his day has been despite the fact that I don’t give a single flying fark about how his day has been.



I don’t even use taxis anymore just UBERs.

Mellennial Flog, even thou I’m 40 years of age


Now that I’m 44 @Klawdy, I get the barber to shave the back and sides to 1/2 to cut out the grey. I also trim my eyebrows of those random thick Jack and the beanstalk hairs.

Aging FLOG.


If you are in the express line of airport security and you don’t have your ■■■■ together to move through quickly I will share my displeasure


I have many flog vectors.

But I will turn up at your house and start telling you how badly you’ve set up your AV equipment and be very hard to get off the topic.


I dislike everyone in football media yet I still record all the review shows on Monday night just to see if they talk about Essendon.



I self diagnosed I’m lactose intolerant.