I know someone that could use your grooming tips.




He had some seriously crazy eyebrows.


One looks like a right angled triangle and the other looks like a texta smudge. :joy:


People who go gluten free to try and lose weight



I once ordered and drank a piccolo latte.



its like espresso without being ■■■■.


I will crack jokes in absolutely any social situation no matter how inappropriate.

The problem is my jokes are rarely funny.



Oh I work out for a half n hour. Usually a spot of yoga,pilates or cross fit.

Then go to the café in em an enjoy my brunch. Usual pattern


Just saw a great Black comic a week ago who thinks exactly the same way.

Its exactly that for some . White guilt and a reminder of 231 years of ■■■■ times.


I am a member of an internet forum for fans of the Essendon football club.

My username is a nickname for flog.



Everytime I saw the dude I couldn’t help but think of the Thunderbirds.



(Also #Flog.)


I like to order and drink “Magic” coffee. And if the Barrista looks at me with a confused look on their face…I walk out of the joint

Hippster Flog


My deodorant has activated charcoal in it. And it doesn’t work.



“Busy night, mate?”
-Ancient Australian proverb


Sorry @simmo41, unfortunately I have nothing to share. Trust me, I’ve given this a lot of thought. Tried really hard to think of something I do that would make me a FLOG. But there was nothing that would qualify, or even come close.

Good luck with the thread. I hope it goes well.

Bomb Doe


ha - it’s up there with… “What time did you start?”


SMJ is straight onto the next bit, “so where are you from? No, I mean, where are you really from”


Perfect FLOG!


Whilst you were being breastfed?


I’m all about sounding real caring - “oh man that’s a long shift, do you get a break?” etc etc. But in reality I couldn’t give a sh/t and just want them to shut up so I can mindlessly use my phone in peace