I used to be like that. I can’t fake it so good these days.


Society is one big Seinfeld episode, sans the laugh track.

I write stuff like that that - FFFFLOOOOOG


This post is hemochromatosis in text form. I’m in love with it.


I disliked it too for the same reasons. I brought it up with an indigenous casual acquaintance of mine, and he explained that integrating traditional indigenous culture into modern Australian culture should start somewhere, and if this is where we’re starting then so be it. So now I’m ok with it.

“I have a black friend” - FLOG.


That’s pretty floggy!


As an adolescent, I often masturbated to various television shows on the Disney channel.




As a teenager I’d keep all underwear catalogues that got dropped in our letterbox for my flog bank

Flog Banking



Wow, has this thread taken a turn

Edit: Beaten to it, and surpassed in post quality, by above!




I’m one of those people that thinks everyone else is a flog.

Turns out I was right!



I’m gonna be the guy who’s says that’s inappropriate…

Flog police


Not so much of a flog these days now I am a happily married man with kids, but I was definitely an adolescent flog.

Never had a problem accepting drinks or party supplies from other party-goers, and would always strategically position myself around areas or people I knew would be able to produce the goods.

Would always pretend like I didn’t know what was going on around said areas, and acted surprised and grateful when goods were offered. Also would very, very rarely share back - FLOG


I used to dress like I was a member of Korn, now I wear tight jeans and vape


*Just as an aside, why is it when we all used to want the tiniest phone money could buy, jeans were big enough to house a small family of possums in your pockets. Now we want to carry small flat screen TVs in jeggings.


Kinda like with c*unt?



I actively seek out the parking spot next to disabled bays and park as close to the dividing line as possible because the space provided on the driver’s side is so luxurious. Never mind that a disabled driver may be inconvenienced.



This is the first FLOG post that I actually believe.


And as he locks his car, he yells out FRANKLINNNNNNN!