Which reminds me. I once took a catch at cricket that was so good, I called out my own name.




Actually, that also reminds me:

I once took a catch playing cricket, after the team had dropped like 6 or 7 in a row, gave a spray saying it’s not that hard and then slipped over chasing a ball in the outfield conceding a boundary.



Playing cricket is automatic FLOG status.


Scored a 30 yd screamer of a game winner in soccer and ran the length of the pitch to celebrate infront of bunch of 12 year olds giving me ■■■■ when i came off the bench.



I’m wearing my summer clothes at work despite it being farking freezing to show off my tan and remind my coworkers of the 5 fabulous weeks I had away from them.



Soccer flog again, Despite the fact i play 7th division ill still carry on like a twat after scoring even a simple tap in.



Now that is one I so do not believe.


If Mrs Scotty puts mushrooms anywhere near my food i wont eat it.



The US women’s soccer team at like that, when they scored their 9th goal against Thailand.

So you have every right to celebrate like you do.


I drink long macchiatos and say prosciutto in a heavy Italian accent because my ever increasing bogan Aussie twang masks my Italian heritage to strangers.

Absolute flog.


I like to walk around in shorts, singlets and thongs all through winter and immediately correct people whenever they says it’s cold.



I say “proshecco”, and I sometimes also drink it


I annoy the niece and nephew until they crack the ■■■■■ and their mum yells at em for making too much noise.



I sneak some of my children’s Easter eggs and if they notice, accuse Mrs diggers of thieving them.



When asked if I want to round up my purchase with the extra to be given to charity, I decline.

Thrifty FLOG


I don’t, … and don’t want to, do either of those things.

Only trend following consumer sheep do. Flogs.

(Hi Craft Beer, …Hiiiiii!! :wave: )


Oh this’ll set you off.

At the pub I choose the weirdest sounding beer on the menu. When I get back to my table I take a photo of it and post it to my beer social media app. Then while I drink and chat I keep ignoring my group, putting my head in my phone to type in tasting notes.


Thinking your superior because you stick with habits formed as a teenager.



Putting half a tub of gel in your hair like a 90’s boy band



Watching AFL 360, … Bit of Flog on Flog action.