I once celebrated a wicket as the ball was struck towards me, at mid wicket or mid on. Was yelling as I realised how high it was going, was absolutely middled, right above my head. If I dropped it I knew it would’ve been the ultimate flog moment. Now I’m here talking about my grouse catch about 15-16 years later, just as floggy.

Also I’ve been saying “hashtag” ironically so much it has now become something I say all the time.

Hashtag flog.


Speaking of cricket flogs:

A young Dominic Thornely was getting pasted around the park in junior cricket one day until our batsman skied one. Thornley took the caught and bowled and proceeded to scream “Nobody ■■■■■ with the King!!!”

Ginger NSW Flog


That, … is just so sad. no


#FLOGPOSTING has become Blitz Confessional


I’d pay $20 extra because they say craft beer.


Craft beer flog.


When i go to KFC i demand my entire order be cooked fresh even if i have to wait 10 mins for it to be cooked.



:smile: I’ll go you halves.


HAHAHA holy ■■■■ yes!


i had plans to crack this same gag.



I’m not sure if that’s floggy. More like clever in my book.


I was going to say the same thing. The only thing vaguely floggy is actually going in to a KFC, … but then again, who doesn’t go the Dirty Bird on occasion??

Nup. Non Flog for mine.



Never been in any US crap food shop.

I suppose that makes me a Flog?


On a “Can’t knock it, unless you’ve actually tried it” basis, … yeah, maybe. :thinking:


Cept, craft beer amirite?



I was making “Craft” beer when you were still a glint in your Dads eye, … we didn’t call it that though, because you know, … #notflogs. :smirk:

And about 10 years ago I stayed at Ridges on Bell St during the week for work, and that Stien(?) Pub that calls itself a “Beer Cafe” (or did) was right across the road, . I had my fill of the whole thing after about 3 months.


You don’t have to try salmonella to know it is wise to avoid it. But mainly I would rather support Australian small businesses than US corporations whose pricing is calculated to drive them out.


Yeah, not much of that is true though. Macas arrival down here had all that fear mongering attached to it, as did the KFC, but guess what??,… Not one Burger biz went under, and we have added 2 F&C’s 3 Sanga bars, about 14 farking Cafe’s and a Charcoal Chook place since.

Also don’t recall any Salmo from any of these joints, they all would have way higher hygiene standards and controls than your average SB food joint and they all employ a shiteload of our teenagers.

You realise it’s just Chock pieces dipped in a batter & fried right? Pretty basic and harmless food when it comes down to it, if occasional.

Do you have any problems with our Aussie Jobe opening up more “Melb Coffee” joints in New york, or his plans to extend out from there to other US Cities??


I ask for extra salt on my chips because I’m an entitled flog


I order my cappuccino extra hot despite the fact I’m unable to handle it’s hotness. I also only order a cappuccino because I enjoy the chocolate on top.