Former #30 B. Zerk-Thatcher

I know 90% of blitz don’t agree but I’m very happy with the net result of getting McKay plus a pick for BZT.

McKay a better defender and fits our needs. Like our midfield, our defence has too many of the same types

Mckay is a deadset spud, I really dont want him


Losing zerk to get mckay is like getting an older, even more vanilla upgrade on zerk. Really not keen at all.


I think you need to view it as

Out: BZT
In: McKay and (late 2nd)

That’s an improvement imo.

McKay is only 10 months older than BZT btw

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Seemed lucky not to be delisted in 2021, think everyone was surprised by his 2 year deal.

Thought there might be abit more loyalty from him after that.

Maybe the money is too good to refuse and he gets to go home.

Or hes read the tea leaves on McKay joining.

Or he’s read the tea leaves on our next decade


Any idea what Port are offering him? Will be interesting after reports of him asking $800k.

No mention of figures

Port have been in to him for a couple of years and they obviously see something in him that we don’t unfortunately.
Perhaps he has already been told with McKay coming in he would be relegated to the VFL. Similar to the Aliir deal it seems we don’t rate Zerk and will move him on for a future second rounder although I know they are very keen on Bryan too and have been sniffing around so perhaps they might try to get both in a package

Losing Zerk/Bryan and gaining McKay would be the most short sighted, vanilla list management decision making. So, yeah, it will probably happen.


Losing this guy wont devastate us too much imo. Does ok, but gets monstered. I dont think he adds anything particular special that another defender can’t do.


I was happy to let him go at end 2021…I suspect the only reason he got 2 years was because another club had a nibble.

I will admit, he’s performed better than I expected…but we still debate whether he is good enough.

This list of ours has an over-investment in key talls. I will be pleased to finally trade one out.

People under estimate this guy imo
We want blokes that leave everything out in the field, put their bodies on the line, do the basics right and he does.
Our midfield allows sides to cut us, exposing our backline and we want get rid of half the backline because they don’t look flashy and do flashy things

If he goes to Port, that is shrewd trading by them.
Alir Alir is freed up more, Zerk can just do what he does now, but with a side that pressures the whole field and doesn’t generally allow easy passage (unlike us recently) through the midfield

That’s just my take.


Are you comfortable with this?

I actually think BZT is very decent as a second tall defender. He isn’t the genuine bull full back to play on the big FF’s (Hawkins etc). To me he’s a really solid next tall defender. I see it that he’d be a terrific get for a defence that already has a strong full back in place. Unfortunately he’s playing the role at Essendon as we don’t have the traditional strong bodied full back in the lineup. Classic case for me of player who will thrive in the right defence with the big defender in place.

It’d be a pity to lose him, although I can see why the defensive mix at Essendon next year could squeeze him out. Will turn out to be a really solid pick 67 draft selection, here or elsewhere.


Imo you trade out key talls that are superfluous to needs/ fringe 22, not those which are filling critical spots. Even more than mids, they are harder to replace imo and have a bigger impact on how the team structures.

except if we get McKay as a FA, then we don’t get a pick for BZT


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“There’s just a watch on Brandon Zerk-Thatcher at Port Adelaide,” Cornes said on SEN Breakfast.

“They are heavily into him and confident he will go to Port Adelaide.

“That’s as well as Esava Ratugolea to bolster up their defence

That’s not how it works.

Zerk isn’t a FA so is in no way related to what happens with McKay.
IF we lost Redman or Parish to FA that would be affected by McKay, completely different scenerio