Former #32 Travis Colyer


I hope we keep him. His value is virtually nothing to us in a trade but he is capable of playing pretty good footy for us going forward in my opinion.


That’s right, only expect to play 22 games - despite form.


argh see I don’t see him as a mid. maybe he was moreso this year. but at his best, he was a HFF who had an impact on games, similar to tippa and raz

having a quick look, that purple patch he only had over 20 possies 3 times. most of the time he was in the 15-19 range, but again had more impact.
so to me that aren’t midfield numbers, so therefore IMO we aren’t losing him from the midfield, if we indeed lost him.

and i’d agree, without the possibility of landing all 3 this year prolly wouldn’t bother trading him.

But he is still a player that is always going to have to be vigilant in his constant traning of his foot skills, cos the second he drops off from practising, he will drop off again like he did this year.

in 2014 from memory is was doing alot of extra kicking work to help rectify it, similar to watson did previously.
Coyler to me however is someone who is going to have to practice kicking every training session, every day, because when he doesn’t, something goes terrible wrong.

Again if there wasn’t the possibility of getting the 3 we could, i’d say keep him and take the punt that he can work through it.

but on paper those 3 improve us way behind what he can individually and as a whole, so if he can be used somehow in the trade, I hope they do it.


I get attached to our players and never want to trade them away…

BUT if we could get pick 30-something in return for Colyer, and then pick up a younger Hind-type replacement for 60-something, then it could make a lot of sense for Essendon.

BUT BUT, if I was Colyer, with 2 years remaining on my contract, I would dismiss the whole suggestion in about 3 seconds and refuse to go anywhere. So I will be shocked if anything happens.


If I was Colyer I’d be thinking my contract is the only thing in place from me being potentially playing VFL all next season as others surpass me, better pull my finger out this preseason as I am in my prime


Mmmm open to the idea but I’m not too keen on trading Colyer as we would most likely be ‘selling low’. Skills looked fine early in the season and preseason but then that all seemed to diminish. Perhaps because of fitness, which all the returning players seemed to battle with.

For the right price yes but the idea of trading in players is to improve your list. By offloading Colyer in place of say Smith I don’t think it improves it by much. Ideally we have both.


I think our pace is ok and we certainly don’t lose any by replacing colyer with Saad and Smith. Saad will release McGrath into the middle and Smith give us another midfield option and forward presence


What if we buy low also



Stars have aligned. Now to see what theyre willing to offer us.


Any chance WCE go for Pick 13 for Colyer and 29?




No chance.

Eagles have an old list they will be going to the draft.


I would trade him and steak in a heartbeat for their 2018 2nd


15 week purple patch isn’t a purple patch, it’s a player reaching his potential. Then gets banned for a year, struggles to regain touch in a vastly different team set up with a new coaching group. Also, not sure Smith is a match winner, and not sure Saad is an especially great deliverer either. All three in the same team? That’s an above average trio, let’s have the cake and the cream.


Breaking news- Petrie recruits Colyer.


Will struggle for games if Smith, Saad and stringer are all locks


Yep…needs to be careful; may find himself without a spot


You need a group of 30 AFL capable players.

We’ve had next to no outside mid depth so some selection pressure on Colyer a good thing. He either is in top form & holds his place in best 22 or able to step in as handy depth when we need him.

You’d rather be calling up Trav than Jerrett


I would rather a 2018 2nd Round selection in the draft that will trump all drafts