Former #32 Travis Colyer


Who wouldn’t, but no one will pay that for Trav.


It sure he is going to get many games next year. Going to be very tough for Trav in the midfield.


Trav needs to get a very firm grip on a 2018 list spot


And a firm grip on more of the footy, how to kick it properly and which direction he would like to zig-zag towards.


The first thing I want Colyer to work on over the off-season is being able to pick a ball up, at pace, without fumbling it completely or taking 3 attempts to pick it up. We’ll work from there.


There inlies the debatelable bit.
was it a purple patch or was it what you say ?

plently of players have said patches and never play like it again. yes he was banned. and so fourth.
Hepp played games similar to his best.
Ditto hurley, hooker well he played alright in a new possie, belly recaptured his form.

coyler (and others) didn’t, so it would come down to a do people believe he will re capture it, or not ?

It doesn’t look like it’d be needed now anyway, but if it did, I would have gladly traded him out.


It’s the thinking ahead before the skill execution. It’s why he duffs his kicks so often as well.

Pick up ball first. Then decide where to dispose of it.

Watch the ball & take care of drop onto your foot before looking up at the target again.

All rushed. No composure

Should really be no excuse on his kicking or picking ball up since he so short. Ball drop distance is fark all.


One thing to remember is that in the one final we played this year he didn’t actually fumble at all.


Nor did he before the compulsory holiday …


I reckon he has always been a serial fumbler.

Games where he is clean are the outlier, not the norm.


Agree, when it’s hot he fumbles…
Spends it before he has it…
Not in our best 22 anymore


Classic example of a confidence player.


He could be in the Antarctic and he would still fumble


Doesn’t lower his centre of gravity to collect, just bends downs which means he isn’t as balanced and snatches at. Good players get low early with soft hands and let the ball find theit hands if that makes sense


He missed a season and a half of footy and came back below his best, which is understandable. I’d back him to be cleaner off the deck next year and if he is, will easily be best 22. If he isn’t, we have plenty of players who’d be happy to grab his spot.


Do you want to end world peace too while he’s at it?


He could at least try to end the conflicts in the Middle East…


We have world peace?


■■■■■■ if i know


He’s better than me at footy, and most of you I’ll wager. I’m backing the EFC coaching panel. Yess