Former #32 Travis Colyer


Boy oh boy wowee, what a huge claim!


last time i grabbed my footy in the garage, i didnt drop it. so there you go. im better at football than travis colyer.



My Uncle can beat him in the clean hands test as well.

He is 76 and only has 6 fingers…


Travis has Trump hands. There, better? He’s still comfortably superior to me as a footballer. And ALL of you. You’ll be laughing out of the other side of your breathing holes when he paddles it 60 metres for the winning point gf 18.


I think everyone hopes you are correct.




I’m not a fan of Colyer… but I wonder whether being surrounded by more pace will help his game as well?

I’ve often felt he is left to play the lone hand of pace or x-factor and tries to do too much… or has no support around him because we had a very slow midfield.

Will be interesting to see… reckon he will be well and truly on notice and in the danger group 20-28 depth.


That’s why I’ll never say James Hird was a good footballer. I never played AFL, so how could I possibly know?


theyre great hands. the best hands. everybody is talking about these hands


Did you back the last coaching panel ???
Should I and we sue you for all the pain and turmoil you helped create, with your backing ??

After the last 4 years I can’t believe any idiot runs with that fuxking stupid pathetic line to justify anything.





Clearly not being serious Dark Rooster. Trav is a good player and he’s shown he can be quite brilliant. He can be part of a premiership team, but he can also be supplanted by the likes of a Devon Smith, we’ll wait and see. You seem to think EFC are actively trying to be mediocre and if only they borrowed some of your wisdom they’d be back on top. Stop writing essays with every post assuming everyone else here is a dimwit, and fix your fuxxing predictive text you rude person.



Didn’t get a full pre-season.


Ah poor Trav.

Who gets an opportunity to take his place in the 22?

Thank fark we got Smith.



Was pushing uphill to be in the round 1 side anyway but depth is important. Long or Jerrett our pacy outside mid cover whilst he is out. Or Green in & push Raz upfield IF Green not already in side.

Guelfi also could be surprise packet


Long or Jerrett???
Sweet Jesus!




From left field>>>>>McNeice.