Former #32 Travis Colyer


I’d have thought Smith or McGrath would be the perfect replacement for Colyer…


I’d have thought those 2 would have already pushed coyler even remotely out of midfield contention, let alone starting 22 contention.

in a sense, it makes the transition easier now.


What a surprise.


Bad luck for him but he wasn’t in my Best 22.
We’ve got plenty enough speed in the side, assuming we don’t lose too many of them to injury.

I hope Trav can get back to that hot patch of form pre suspension.
Fk me, he was hard to watch last year !




Yep. Probably just makes it easier to fit Saad into the back half with McGrath onto the wing. Although I still think Colyer would’ve been best 22.


Not so quiet now huh?

We love delaying surgery.


a tried and true strategy


Bad luck for Trav.
Another example of why I was happy they put Ridley under the knife immediately, rather than “conservative management”




The doctors have to take conservative route firstly. A month in moonboot may have resulted in him being good to go and not miss any of the season at all.

No doubt they play the percentages on these things. Ridleys injury however was likely very clear case that surgery only option.

It does appear often however and it wouldn’t just be with EFC that the conservative route fails and surgery has to eventuate though.


It is said that Trav is a small forward, but as I saw it in 2017, he played as an outside mid, ( who generally rest/drift forward). Makes the transition of McGrath to the wing a no brainer if it wasnt already. Saad slots into McGraths spot, Baguley,McNiece, Dea, Guelfi then become bench/ depth options for Saad at this point


Gives another guy a chance like Mutch or Guelfi or Long.


Yep, anyone who thinks Trav is a small forward is an idiot.


Sucks for Trav but not a massive blow to the team


love trav but this is career ending, was pitiful for many games last season


The good part of having a glass half empty means that you’re halfway to your next one.


He should sit in a chair for the next 3 months and have people throw footballs at him.


Unlikely. He is contracted to 2019.


" Bombers speedster to miss start of the season
Stephen Marson - February 8, 2018 - 11:49 am

Speedy Essendon forward Travis Colyer will miss the opening rounds of the 2018 AFL season, after having surgery on his foot on Wednesday…"

Travis Colyer to miss first six weeks of the season after foot surgery
Lauren Wood, Herald Sun
February 8, 2018 2:00pm
ESSENDON forward Travis Colyer will miss at least the first six rounds after having foot surgery.