Former #32 Travis Colyer


I wasn’t having a crack at you.
But those journalists…

Edit: I barely read any articles on footy from mainstream media these days. If I want opinions on the actual footy there are many posters in here who are far more knowledgeable.
If I want to know/hear things like what was said in a press conference, it’s pointless reading what the press said about it because they always twist it or take it out of context or simply misunderstand what was said. Better to watch the actual interview


Disappointing news. Can’t take a trick.

Also reading back through the posts in this thread from October made me smile. Everyone was suggesting we would need to give up Trav and next year’s 2nd rounder to get the 3Ss. Such little faith in Jackets!


Trav was great in 2015, best 22 lock, but struggled to regain touch after the year off. What he needed was a solid skills block this pre-season. Instead he’ll have barely touched a football come season proper. Not going to help at all and this could destroy the chances he had of re-discovering his 2015 form.





So he can learn to collect at one touch.


Well that makes best 22 a little easier.


At face value it looks like we made a shocking decision with Colyers treatment.
However, I suspect that increasingly players will need to take a conservative route just as anyone else would to help with long term health - surgery being the last resort. It will be / is good governance.
Hopefully he recovers quickly.


Thing is, coaches rate him highly (played 22 games for 12 goals in ‘17) and was likely best 22 this year. Well, opportunity knocks for the next cab off the rank. Hope they (?) make the most of this chance.


He will be out for the first 6 weeks…there is heaps of time left in the season…plus we could unearth a potential star in his place…hoping that’s Jake Long…fingers crossed.


Didn’t get a … oh


Coyler doesn’t need to be replaced. He needs to be upgraded. Luckily, we already have massive upgrades in Smith and McGrath.


In the short term, Essendon’s loss will be Trav’s gain. He will use this opportunity to move up in the law/business world.

Of course I hope he still has the opportunity to show his skills for EFC on field.


Played 7 games in 2014 and they were good.

Started well in 2015, but only played 11 for the year with bad injury.

Barely fired a shot last year.

Let’s be honest, he’s played 10-15 really decent games for the club in eight seasons and will miss at least a quarter of his ninth season.


People seem to be accusing Essendon of being over conservative with surgery as opposed to understanding that conventional medical wisdom is avoiding surgery wherever possible when there is a chance that something could heal by itself. If you want to have a go at the club for this you may as well have a go at the entire medical profession.

He’s out at this stage for a quarter of the season. Assuming all went well with the surgery this is about as career ending as Bellchambers surgery last season. Players get injured, they come back. Repeat until the end of football.




When do school holidays finish?

Essendon Bombers – Travis Colyer

Only missed one AFL game last Season. Plays his role, predominantly playing on the half-forward flank.


Since when is fumbling an actual role?


Clicked to make sure the writer wasn’t someone I know embarrassing themselves.
It’s not. All good.


terrible call