Former #32 Travis Colyer


Oh, and the lockdown back pocket is the most under-rated player in any Australian Rules team at any level.


When his injury was announced, 7news said it was a big blow as he was coming off his best ever season in 2017. Right…


That has to be a typo, meant to say overrated.


Poor form from plenty in here bagging a player that puts in a huge effort every time he runs out for us.
People forget he was one of our very few weapons just before the suspension came because of his ability to break games open with his run. He was even being tagged towards the end of 2015.
Not his fault he is injured, and to play 20+ games coming back from a year out of the game was a pretty good performance.
Will be happy to have him back in the team as soon as possible.


Do you disagree that he fumbled a lot?


Always love posts like that.


Imo he fumbles because he’s too quick for his own good needs to slow down a little when he gets possession of the ball.


No composure

Does not focus on the task in that moment rather what’s coming up next

It’s why he fumbles all the time, and also helicopters ball so often kicking.


2015 was his best season don’t know if he will ever get close to that again.


and then you had Hird, who made time slow down and he just moved in his own world with ease.


He was out injured in the second half of 2015. Only played the first 11 games.


And was then banned for the 2016 season.

The bloke was his on his way but injury and suppension ■■■■■■ him.


hi trav hi


I think it’s sad how little latitude people give to the suspended players for their form in 2017. Even someone like Hurley who was the clear All-Australian CHB.


I can’t recall another player having a bone removed from their foot…maybe it was just a bone fragment, but if it’s a decent size, I imagine it would have an ongoing impact.

Can anyone here comment on the seriousness of this procedure?


I simply think he will struggle to get back in the side by the time he gets right.


I agree. Guys like Smith and McGrath will be well ahead of what Colyer is capable of.
I hope he gets back into that 2014/2015 form. He’ll need to to get a run



Cleaner below the knees, sharper with his decision making/disposal.

2014 he had a great run, THAT Colyer gets in the 22.


Anyone have any update beyond what is on the AFL injury list. Tracking for the Hawthorn game?


I would imagine once he’s available he’ll need 3 or 4 games of VFL to get up to speed and push a case for selection because he’d only be a borderline selection these days anyway