Former #32 Travis Colyer


I was very sorry he got injured. My hope was that he seemed down last year on his best like many of the 2016 suspended players, and that he’d improve this year with more time handling the ball and back in AFL conditions. A fit, firing Colyer almost certainly replaces Begley in the side. That was not what we got in 2017 though, and with the injury I very much doubt it is what we’ll get in 2018 even when he gets back.


Yeah, we kinda dropped the ball on Trav didn’t we?


Not sure it was up who dropped the ball.


If you’re going to have a go at someone for fumbling under pressure, at least make sure you haven’t got any typos while you do it.


Poor spelling is poor football.
It’s this acceptance of mediocre language that’s held the club back for fifteen years.


Personally think its been all downhill since this.


Last I saw, he was 2 weeks away and preparing for VFL time.

Now Crow has said his recovery is slower than expected and he could return after the bye.


Would be handy this week.


Better this than play an injured player. That would just be stupid and something a professional organization would never consider!




I wonder what the parents and friends of people with disabilities on this site think of your post.


I thought he retired


I wonder what you’ll think of your posts when you grow up and become an adult.


I just asked Travis Colier’s Dad and he cracked up. All the lols :slight_smile:


Why would you assume I will grow up and become an adult?

For all you know I will continue to be very immature and a shit bloke until I die:)


Why not both.gif


Announcement to the group this morning about Colyer… followed by a big cheer then Trav lifting his leg and presenting his foot to the team. Was quite funny. He’s back!


great news.
we need any good news we can get at this stage

Clarke, Ridley Debuts
Colyer get a half in the VFL
good times.


Nah…Colyer straight in at the expense of Clark.


I selfishly hope Long gets a chance on the wing before colyer gets back in the team.