Former #32 Travis Colyer


this week is as good as any. Need speed and experience.
Those arms!


by that photo obviously with his foot injury he was too busy doing bicep curls to shave or get a respectable hair cut.



I like it, he looks like a very muscular samurai.


Looks like 5 years of development in just 1 to me.

Better call Mike Fitzpatprick


Jesus bring him in and chuck him in the middle.


Geard Healy will be contacting Asada as we speak.


You and Donnington have something in common.


that is a mangled meme.


Make him our tagger.


i just want to clarify, before anyone thinks i’m proper cooked, that i was joking.


Do you need massive guns to be clean picking up ground balls ?

Because Green would be my choice if Trav plays like he did in 2017 in that respect.


I’m really hope the bring him in calls are sarcastic. He’s been out for 2-3 months, has had one game back with limited game time…


He did not play a full game on the weekend, needs more games in the VFL until he can run out a game at that level, plus extra work during the week to get him up somewhere near AFL fitness level, which is typically 14+km distance and 3 km high speed running with repeat sprints. Even then he will be cramping in the 4th quarter for the first 2 AFL games he plays.


Hopefully he can play the last 7-8 games. I don’t think he would be ready yet.


Edit… Never Mind its been done.


Shave that beard off, get a proper haircut, or go live your life on a beach somewhere. With Hepp.


Coyler had the man bun when he had that purple patch of good footy before his ban could be a good omen?


Colyer should train PArish in the weights room


I thought you were going to do that?


I think he means he was training Colyer to look like him, and that he was going to include Parish now. Unless of course Guelfi accepts his offer, in which case he is going to ditch all others.