Former #32 Travis Colyer


I love Trav and can’t wait for him to return


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If I remember correctly, many were calling for this guys head/not even in the best 22 thread line ups in 2017. Gleeson was also getting roasted however showed great improvement and based on his current absence, he is seen is the messiah go fix our defense.


Pre-saga Trav is a best 22 lock. Post saga he was the fumbliest fumbler that ever fumbled. If he’s back to his best, then I can’t wait for his return.


The last game he played for us was the Sydney final and he was one of our best. We could certainly use his outside pace


I can’t believe Burly Man still has any self-confidence at all.


To be fair, the best bit is Redman in the background screaming instructions, just because.


What the blurry image in the background?


Ha. I wish


Redman continues to audition for the Goddard role.
Tray doing his bit by ignoring him.


Hopefully we can get him back after the bye. Up and going and being clean with the footy he is a real weapon of a mid. Especially on the slingshot back after an intercept.


The VFL has a bye too, so you’d think the earliest viable date is in July.

(It’s July 1; I just wanted to be dramatic.)


The ghost of goddard future.


Bring him in against Lions

Nothing to lose, get games into him for build up to next year


Trade value?


There’s a fair bit to lose - can you imagine this place if we lose to the Lions?

We are only 2 games out of the 8.


Except risk of injury

He played 60% of VFL game only after months off. He’s not getting picked for senior side until after the bye, Crowe already said so.


The year is done! We aren’t making finals so prepare for next year and get structure and games into those whom are best 22

Also those on the fringe give them every chance this season to gain experience


Fair enough


Anyone with half a brain has probably already realised the season is gone and those that haven’t soon will.


BRING HIM IN, and that’s based off his sick look.