Former #32 Travis Colyer


I never said I had more than half a brain :wink:


Personally, I wouldn’t play Colyer in the AFL this year, unless we have a catastrophic run of injuries.




I don’t think you intended to say that the half wits are the ones who’ve given up on the season already.
But that’s how it reads.


I had the ideal insult from someone not very smart, once, who told me “if you had a brain, it would be lonely…”


What about this one…

" If your brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t be able to blow your nose "


this is the new “didn’t get a full pre-season” type list.

it’s the “potentially don’t play for the rest of the year, even though your available, because we suck” list:
Travis colyer
joe daniher
marty gleeson


Surely Zaka and Parish should be on this list!

Plus a separate list for those being loaded into the cannon. Goddard, Bags, Myers


i knew i was forgetting someone!


Makes sense to me maybe that’s because I have only half a brain. Yes, seriously.


Um, I’m still in the “Gleeson is pretty average” camp…

Just not many like the negativity, especially around an injured player who can’t prove anything either way right now, so I keep quiet about it.


Bring him in after the WCE game.

See if he can deliver or trade seasons end


I liked his game today (yesterday I suppose) such a beefcake, he slammed a dude twice his size and his kicking was decent. His pressure game is exactly what current footy trends demand.


I thought Donnington got banned?




Will he be ready after the bye from sufficient game time etc?


He looked pretty sharp to me. Could see him taking Laverde’s spot.


I think it would be a waste to send him to Perth as the travelling emergency. He needs to play somewhere


Oops I forgot Laverde was emergency. I’ve only seen a little bit of the AFL game, I was at the VFL. I don’t imaginie Trav would mind being emergency though, he could hang out with the family and share a couple of tins with WOB.


I’d give at least another run in the 2’s.