Game of Thrones TV series *SPOILERS*: Let's wait for Season 8 Sesīr kipi!


The theory that Jamie is a azor is the strongest and that he will kill cersei to unleash lightbringer


I still don’t get the Azor theory.
Whoever it is had to be born / reborn in a red sky.

The only time that occurred was when Bran saw the red comet in the sky while worging into the wolf. Didn’t this occur when Danny gave birth to the dragons?


Jons gonna ■■■■ a dragon and turn it into a human.


His king slaying game is pretty strong too. The night king should be worried.

The whole ant colony set up is a big worry for the army of the dead. Once their Dragon is down ( the odds being 2-1 in the living’s favour) the living can run a blitz on the dead’s quarter back with their cavalry and it’s game over. True the Giants present an impressive offensive line but I don’t think they’ll be able contain an all angles Dothraki/ Dragon blitz. The unsullied will be well equipped with Dragon glass to handle the wide recievers. Jamie is one of the best jousters in the seven kingdoms too. A dragon glass Lance will be a great first charge and he’ll have his own valerian steel sword at the ready to finish the job with a few other such swords riding shot gun with him (John and I reckon Jorah will borrow sam’s



The Knight King was first made of his kind by the children of the forrest and he seemed to have turned babies to white walkers, but it isn’t assured that he himself is a whitewalker.
I think they’ll find that dragon glass does stuff all to him and they realise that they can only kill his surrounding white walkers, but need to work out how to kill the Knight King.


So, is there any possibility that Stannis isn’t dead?


I hold to the theory that GOT doesn’t pass up on death scenes, and he hasn’t had one.


littlefinger didn’t get his corpse burned, so he’s coming back. #comebacktour


Agree. And think the Lance will fail but super steel will succeed and Jamie will stab him in the back or something like Howland Reed did duwayne




What a great scene that would be.


Surely the deal is over Cersie’s baby. The whole episode was about babies. Dany’s vs Cersie’s. Whatever the Tyrion deal has to do with that bub


The battle could actually be very simple for the living.

2 dragons protect the army from the other Dragon and bring it down or at least drive it away.

The white long haired guys and Giants are then targeted with scorpion artillery using Dragon glass tipped long range projectiles. They should be pretty easy to hit within a couple of hundred metres, particularly the Giants. The unsullied protect the artillery, again using Dragon glass Spears and daggers.

Simultaneously multiple dothraki Calvary teams complemented by westerosi Knights carrying Dragon glass tipped Lances drill through the zombie horde and charge the lieutenants and Giants. Each white killed takes out chunks of the dead army. It will be devastated pretty quickly save for the portion turned by the king. Admittedly we don’t know what that portion is.

Ignoring the king, if the Dragon is contained and you don’t lose your Dragons by throwing them away by recklessly engaging multiple giant archers or Walker spear thowers you should quickly destroy most of the dead army with the king forced to retreat or be killed or captured using the same tactics for execution later by the children left in the God’s eye.

Unless the dead have something big up their sleeve we haven’t seen yet i don’t think a direct confrontation with a large well organised and properly armed living army would go well for them.

unless of course Daenny and Jon go full Essington on us all. Both have display such quality on multiple occasions


Burn them. Burn them all.


Gendry is terribly cast

Wormy little guy
Meant to be a) son of R Baratheon and b) a blacksmith
Should be huge.


He’d outwitted/outlasted the Targs, Baratheons, N Stark, Lannisters, and Arryns, and was overconfident he had Sansa conned. Completely blindsided.



Did you and wim both miss the TWO MASSIVE DRAGONS HIS BOSS RODE IN ON?
Because it seemed you did.


What would happen if Cersei killed the one guy who talked Danny out of torching the entire joint? In front of her? While she has 2 x DRAGONS literally right there?
Tricky to work out.


They should of leaflet dropped the city and given the citizenry 2 weeks to leave. If cersie forced them to stay it undermines her power but I reckon there would enough sycophants within her own court who would want to get out themselves that it would be difficult for to contain it. The dragon’s could then target and Destroy the red keep and the resulting fire should be containable, I presume given there is likely an ample fire break between it and the slums (if the whole City was going to burn down blowing the giant church up with wild fire would be more likely to cause it). It would be risky but I think she could pull it off. If cersie resorted to human shields she’d compromise her power and likely lose allies in the process so lay seige and wait for the inevitable revolution from inside.

The dragons are powerful but they aren’t nukes, you could use them tactically in a careful targeted manner on a city the size of kings landing.