Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


How you going with it? I just did the first 4 shrines and got the parachute, the world has just really opened up. Took me about 3 hrs.

Fk me I’ve literally died I reckon 10 times due to fall damage because I cbf painstakingly climbing downwards. Getting the parachute will be a godsend


Still on the Plateau Getting those orbs.


Just ordered my copy of Wildlands, anyone got their hands on it yet?


Loving Breath of the Wild. Incredible game so far.


Replaying Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One and enjoying it again prior to RDR 2 being released later this year.

Yeeha, git along little doggy.


Worth dropping the dollars on a new console though?


If ever there was a game that was, it's this.

You need to accept that there's going to be 0 else until November when Mario comes out. Sure it'll be awesome but it's a long wait.

But Zelda is incredible. It's Skyrim breadth and depth (not in the same way necessarily). Wouldn't be hard to get 80-100 hrs out of it.

If it's not too late, don't read or watch anything about it. Discover it all yourself.


Nvidia 1080Ti is taking over the top of the tree at about $1150 aud. But the good news is the 1080 also will drop to about $900/$800. Bad news is the 1070 will still sit in the $600/$700 range well above the 1060 at $300/$350.

Vega needs to hit the shelves fast to pressure Nvidia just like the Ryzen has pressured Intel on pricing.


1070 is more than enough for even 90% of enthusiasts.

Ryzen cpu recent seems a good step up for games like battelfield 1 which make use of hyperthreading


Yeah i'm looking at the 1070 but the price hasn't moved with the announcment of the 1080Ti. I want it to fall to the sub $500 range.


Nvidia cards generally don't drop. theres brands that are $550, such as galax.


Thus why competition is important!


Really enjoying Horizon: Zero Dawn at the moment.

Pretty light on for RPG aspects, but it is definitely focussed more on the combat and beautiful presentation.

Would recommend.


Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on iphone is bloody fantastic. There are very few PC-ports that work well on mobile but this one the touch controls (after a bit of adjustment) work fantastically.


But when no one trusts your brand in the mainstream markets you're kinda fucked. Only die hard AMD people buy their stuff. It might change but the utterly deprived tactics that nvidia and intel employed against amd were disgusting. But I'm an unethical consumer and only want whats best for me out of the range on the market, so a 1070 for me was perfect. saved about 100 bucks importing it from the USA too but i think thats gone out the window.


I haven't used their CPUs for years cause it wasn't really in competition with intel at all. I'm using a R9 380 right now. Hasn't let me down yet, but starting to chug a bit with ultra and very high options.


Mobile Games like Legend of the Cryptids are dangerous. I am amazed at how much money they make from players desperate to keep up and win the 'big prize' in each event.

I use to be one the suckers who would spend real money to try and get the big prize.

For those that dont know. Its a trading card game. By trade, the game is a loose link to that genre because noone trades cards for other cards, instead they trade cards for potions to help compete in events. They use to have the tradeable potions as rewards, but then stopped and only gave out the best cards for the top 100 ranked people in the event. Only way to buy these potions.. with real money.

The people that brought them, lowballed the hardcore event players who got the top notch cards.. the developers didnt care as they were raking in the money from smucks like me. Then the frequency of events increased to each week making the cards become obsolete by the time the next cycle of events started.

Its disgusting how they get away with it and worse how much, people have spent. I reckon I had spent close to $200 to get good cards. Thankfully I woke up and saw what a joke it was after 2 years.


Some of them are just glorified pokie machines....same tactics, same effect on the brain.


I have the GTX 1060 6Gb.

Handles BF1 no problems.


Zelda has reinvigorated my love for gaming.

Get a fucking Switch for $470 and get Zelda for $70. It's worth the money. It just is.

It's so so enjoyable. Thanks me later.