Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs




New XBOX specs revealed later today which is exciting.

Also loving my switch and Zelda.


Not sure if it's been mentioned here anywhere but I'm so keen for Yooka Laylee to be released on April 11.. Spent my childhood on Banjo Kazooie on the N64 and it's exactly like those games were. Bring on the nostalgia!


TBH Yooka Laylee does nothing for me. I'm a '93 kid so I probably spent 100 hrs on EACH of Banjo 1 and 2, just obsessing over them. I just think that nostalgia glasses are causing the hype for this game and think a really simple platformer in the Banjo vein won't hold up in 2017. Look at how Mario has had to evolve since Super Mario 64 and that's with basically the best game developers in the world.

Don't think it'll be bad by any stretch.


It'll hold up for me haha, I'm a pretty simple guy!!!


Demo is up.


Don't download. No gameplay. Only character creation possible.

Mind you the ones that have been created are all puns or curse words.


Witcher 3, game of the year edition.... Where has my spare time gone??

Apart from a few little strange things this game is fantastic! Didn't think I would like it, but was looking for a solid single player game and the younger bro, of fame, told me that I should give it a go. Sure it is a few years old, but wow, so much to like about it.


Original Starcraft is now free to download and free to play!


Super immersive. One of the best games I have ever played. Even little seemingly inconsequential side quests suddenly turn into amazing stories.


I haven't played games since the 1st Nintendo. But my mind is blown from the new Zelda....!!!


55 hours in and still haven't unlocked all the area's.


If you like Far Cry 3 or 4, Tom Clancey's Wildlands is pretty much more of the same.


are all new games this good? have I been wasting my life...or is Zelda just special?


There are plenty of quality games out there these days, and a lot of over hyped tripe.



You won't really find good games if your only exposure is advertising (tv ads etc) need to dig a bit but theres some top shelf stuff.

if you like ARPG's then Path of Exile is a cracker (nz made) and has a massive update comign out in june/july.
Fast paced games? Rocket League is the most fun i've had with a game since CoD 4, and before that was Diablo 2 LoD.

Sandbox games seem to be exploding right now, players unknown battlegrounds, arma, h1z1.


That looks pretty crap. I don't think I will fork out the dollars for this one.

Need EA sports to pick it up and make it something decent.


EA and 2K wont make an AFL game as its not an international sport so very limited in a marketing sense. A mate who owns a freelance software company (worked on Watchdogs 2 with Ubisoft) said there is no way they would touch it.


An Aussie rules game needs to be built around gameplay instead of cutting edge graphics. If the gameplay sucks, it wouldn't matter if it looked beautiful.