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Yeah, I agree. Not enough bucks in it for them with a limited market. Pity though.

I have been playing the Closed Beta of Gwent for the last few weeks. It actually just ended today and they are about to open the Public Beta on the 24th with a roll out of all new cards and effects. If you are a fan of Witcher 3 and liked the minigame Gwent then you will like this. They had a competition last weekend for just the closed Beta participants and the winner took home $60K! Small bikkies for some of the bigger esports (I know, I know) competitions, but I would be happy to win that.

I only started playing Witcher 3 this year and didn't even look at Gwent until after about 10 hours in, and that was only because I wanted to finish all the level relevant challenges. Once I had played it I was hooked and probably spent the next 3 hours of gaming just playing all the Gwent challenges I could, or visiting every shop keeper across the maps to buy what they had.

For such a simple game it is really challenging. A bit like a mix between Risk, Battleships, Chess and Poker. I like being able to bluff my opponent by playing a round as a misere by enticing them to play a few big cards, then end my turn so I have more cards to hammer them in the next round. Winning on the last card is great.

Well worth a look.


Tempted to pick up a PS4 on the one day sale tomorrow.
Bargain prices.


edit - woops found it - PSN Days of play sale.

hmm tempting...


Sorry, should have linked.


Wow cheap. Clearing out non pro stock?

I bought Witcher 3 over a year ago and just recently started it. I finished 2 but to be honest I can barely remember a thing about it.

So I'm maybe 10-15 hrs into 3. Enjoying it, but...

  • I never have any money, even even doing plenty of side missions
  • my armour and weapons are always damaged, and I can never find or buy enough repair kits
  • I'm carrying heaps of random items but haven't really bothered crafting anything, should I?

Also is there any penalty to meditation? I do it pretty much after every battle


Yeah, it seems like something is up with E3 being next week. But for $290 for the console, you're not sinking too much money if Sony are dropping a new console soon.



so sick, so buggy, so fun.


Huge sale on Steam at the moment. My wishlist has about 110 games and about 80 are on sale.


worth getting?


For 30 bucks yeah.

But its far from complete. early access caveat emptor.

also completely optimised.


I remember getting Ark Survival early access because i was twitching people playing it and it looked awesome then i only played about 5 minutes of it.


Apparently its been optimised and come leaps and bounds.


Ark is going full release in September.

As someone who has over 400 hours in Ark it runs pretty sweet, but don't expect 100FPS.


I reckon most games don't really benefit from 60+ fps. Depends on how much is going on. But i play shooters and rocket league so i need that refresh rate.


It didn't have any problem with how it runs I just hardly played it.

400 hours is impressive. You obviously have tamed a dinosaur? :slight_smile:


A few. It's a game you need people to play with though.


I second Player Unknown Battlegrounds it's awesome.


Yeah its pretty sick! Steep learning curve though if you ain't an FPS player


Agreed. I don't think they put that much work into the graphics though...

They should simplify the game and make it arcadey. IMO the one thing they should do is have it digitally only and make a yearly upgrade less money if you already owned the game last year. Make it $60 AUD and the yearly update $30 AUD or something. Get people buying each year which can allow them to get some continuity of the formula and spit shine the way FIFA has... FIFA was only polished after about 2010. It took them a long time.


Zelda is special. It's head and shoulders above the rest. But there's still a lot of good stuff out there. I recommend the indie scene as the prices are lower and the ingenuity is higher - the AAA games scene has exploded in size and scope and become "big business" - huge budgets for the games which means no scope for failure which means really safe, samey, bankable titles with not much innovation. You'll probably like a few of them if you're new to the scene but after not long they'll get really similar to you - most of them are the "Michael Bay movies" of the games world.

Plenty of stuff to like in the indie scene - they'll be like the games you remember but better. And if you've been out of action for years going back through the "best of 2015..." etc. lists will find you some gold for $5-$10.

Let me know if you want some recommendations. Give me any preferences/tastes?