Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


Thanks heaps dell. I will do once I finish Zelda. Work has been getting in the way of that at the moment...but yeah, definitely pretty mind boggling if you haven't played a game in 20 years. I've always been a Zelda fan so anything like that is up my alley!


I love when you pick up some random cheap as chips game during Steam Sales and it turns into a tonne of fun to play: Lethal League.


AFL Evolution is out on PC today.

Love on steam user tags are ‘nudity’ and ‘pyschological thriller’.

$50 USD.

Will wait for some reviews.


Its garbage on console, its gonna be garbage on pc.


Now tagged “sports”, “football”, “Illuminati” and “multi-player”.


Don’t know why this took me so long to post in here but I’ve started making YouTube videos for nba2k myteam.

Flick us a sub if you can


Anyone here playing playerunknown battlegrounds


yea, loving and hating every minute of it. reaffirmed the love for shooters and hate for competitive type games.


only got it yesterday and got instantly hooked

I like the slower paced 'last man standing ’ style FPS on a huge map. Much prefer it to the ‘insta respawn’ style FPS.

I sucked first few games but have been gradually lasting longer and longer.


Congratulations to Team Liquid winners of The Dota 2 International.

A sweet 10.8 million dollars richer! A cool 2 Million dollars per player!

That prize pool is bigger than Dustys and Buddys contracts!



Yeah I have put in a lot of hours into this one, its great!

It is REALLY hard though and dependant on a lot of variables (drop locations, loot, enemy spawns etc) to succeed. I reckon people without any patience will trash it because of the steep learning curve.


They ■■■■■■ the loot distribution it was better a month ago in that you coulf actually get ARs.

M16 is best non crate gun.


Who needs AR’s??!

If you are smart and position well you can do just as much damage with an UMP, grenades and some medkits


come 2nd twice now. no cigar…


D2 on PC in very noice - anyone else planning on getting PC version?


D2 has and always will be diablo 2.


This is true


What about Doom II?




Hope Destiny 2 will be better than the first at release.