Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


Its been horrendous of beta, a lot of my mates experience chronic crashing.


thinking about upgrading from PS3 to PS4. I got a few questions for you…

Can i watch FTA TV through PS4, but not record onto it like i do with PlayTV? I would need to use the ‘catch up’ option through the appropriate app/channel.

why would i need the 1TB option?

any help would be appreciated.


PS4 has all the major channels apps. So catchup or live viewing. PlayTV doesn’t work on the PS4.

1TB may be handy if you have a lot of games. Over 3 / 4 years of free plus games they can add up. 1TB is ever so slightly faster as more density means less seek time.


So you can make $?



dont really NEED it, but im a little bit keen to upgrade.

the ps3, platTV and a stack of games are pretty much worthless i guess.


What you think of Destiny2 Ben?

I’ve done a few missions past the farm. Definitely feels like more of the same and pretty much an expansion pack so far.


2k18 prelude tomorrow morning.

The my2k18 app is already available. Start earning credits!




2k18 Prelude…

Utter garbage. DJ? Really? and no actual draft? Pfft.


Anyone know any good sites where you can get discounted AU PSN (Gift) Cards?

Been having a looksy with no real luck.


My PSN is: ShelvinPingers
Yes legit hahahah


Definitely worth doing a Destiny 2 clan for Blitz. Rewards are ridiculously good.


check ozbargain.

I see deals for psn pop up every now and again.

It’s where I get reminded to top up my Live Gold for cheap.


I bought Destiny 2 and just completed the opening missions. Would be keen for Blitz clan.

dozkilluminati is my PSN handle…


Cool, this is where the rewards aspect is going to be really good. I’ll be on PC but we can still be in the same clan as many rewards/progression are cross platform.


Any ps4 nba 2k18’ers?


Yeah boiiii, what’s your build? I started a slasher last night but i’m thinking I might move to a shooter.

Also, my mate has started a site, was primarily FIFA but we’ve branched out to other titles like 2k, Destiny, Siege, Rocket League, Overwatch, PUBG, etc.

Site is still in beta so it doesn’t have all of the features set, but there will be regular competitions for all titles and platforms.

Sign up if you guys like, great to find players etc.

I’m the one with the TIPPA avatar :slight_smile:


Im a 6’7 playmaking shot creator SG


Yes. But away till mid week.


Man the teenage keyboard lebron’s are getting worse when playing in the park. Got a private message off one saying I was a horrendous team mate because I only got 8pts/3ast/4def reb and laid 5 defensive pressure acts and set 8 screens.

Supposedly in a 3 on 3 you single out the bloke who gets least amount of the ball.