Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs



I thought that was going to be the case too, but I’m finding it easier to play than I did on the one run I had on pc.

The frame rate isn’t that noticeable tbh, though I’m playing in a One X


Clearly I’m not the only person feeling like it actually suits console better


Fark FPS on a console.


and you can find others who equally disagree

I watched a quite a few today play it. All said FPS was too choppy and slow looting wasn’t up to par.


Liking the new desert map. It’s YUGGGEEE!.

dev’s must have changed some fundamentals designing it, as getting 120+ FPS regularly.

Still learning where the good loot zones are though, and have to play on Asian servers.


So what time saying is to each there own, the thing I find most hilarious from PC guys when games port to console is the assumption that people who play console do so because they don’t have a gaming PC

I like games on console because I like to sit on a recliner to play, and I don’t have to update and mod it every 5 minutes.

But I love my pc for RPG. This Xbox port it gold because more of my mates have xboxes than good spec pc’s, I had 17 people I know irl who were on PUBG today, that’s 3x the amount of mates who I know that play it on pc regularly, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


See I prefer it, every time I play a FPS on pc, people be cheesing with aim assists or lock on hacks. At least with a controller it’s down to finess. I had aspirations of trying to be a pro cod player a few years ago so I had to grind controller.


lets be honest,. it’s about sales $$.

not about the quality of the game.

sure a ■■■■ pc = ■■■■ PUBG. If that’s the benchmark then maybe Xbox PUBG is ‘better’ if that’s your point of reference., but that doesn’t make it good.

I have a good PC and PUBG rocks on it.


You mean mechanics game devs have to put into console games so you can actually hit stuff.


I don’t exactly have a “■■■■” pc. I last spent 1400 on it less than a year ago.

If all you want to hang your hat on to why PUBG is goood on pc and not on console is frame rate then is it a good game really?


Right now the only way to hit stuff is aim properly.

Wow I didn’t know there were so many pc only fans in this thread.

It’s PC gone mad.


oh no it’s got it’s problems no doubt. but the xbox experience is even worse. The extremely choppy FPS could be ignored if you’re not used to any better, but def not that loot time. Changes the way you have to play too much from the PC experience. People will either not loot if other players about, or just get shot while looting (which we’ve seen already). You can tab loot on PC very very quickly . Because you have the mouse to just right click or drag an item in a micro second and drag an attachment straight to it’s gun. Good players do it while walking and looking around. If they fix that and the FPS, then yes could be considered on par with PC or better given the hax issues inherent on PC’s. Although since they implemented more anti-cheat measures on new patch I haven’t seen an obvious haxor yet. In early access it was terrible, particularly in the Asian servers.

are you going to post PUBG on your youtube channel?


I have a question for the tech wizz’s on here.

Last night I was putting new movies/tv shows on my hardrive. It is a Seagate External 3TB hardrive.

I have three folders on it:

  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • TV Shows

Now, I was putting on a new season of Ballers into my Ballers folder in the TV Shows folder and noticed that I was missing the first two seasons which I have always had on there.

I then noticed that some were missing from other folders too.

Instead of saying the date of when they were created etc in the blank white space between the folder name and size, a lot of the folders were blank and when I went into them and it said “no content” or some such equivalent, despite there being stuff in there.

So I “Googled” it as you do and noticed that there wasn’t really an answer for it.

I tried plugging it into my PS3 as that is where I normally watch the content on (or though, not recently) and it would let me go into the folder and the kick me back out to the:

  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • TV Shows

Over and over again.

Tried turning off “hidden folders” in “Control Panel” and finally tried going into properties of the hardrive and doing a scan which it detected some problems and then “fixed” which resulted in the hardrive wiping out the now “blank” folders which had copious amounts of TV Shows in them but for whatever reason couldn’t read.

Hardrive still has the same amount of space taken up on it despite all this being “wiped”.

I’m not expecting a fix for it as I’ve consigned myself to the fact that a lot of stuff is gone which is fine.

Just help explaining what might have happened so that’s I can prevent it from happening again.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!



For all you PUBG PC players, join PUBG Australia discord server. Basically you can join and play squads with other local players. Here’s the link:


It’s not console vs pc. It’s fps (first person shooter, not frames per second) without a mouse and pretending a controller has any of the precision.

I play 2k on a console. Much superior.


Half the games i play on pc i use a controller. you’re just touched in the head if you think you can aim better with a controllers toggle stick.


Dude, the Xbox version right now is essentially a demo, but for a demo I’m actually surprised by how smooth and lack of bugs.

Watch gameplay from today, there was an Asia server added last night so it’s a lot smoother today


pc players that have been playing pubg for 9 months are well acquainted at the early access status of it.


ok so it’s getting better fps? good to see.

hows that looting?

don’t call me dude, dude.