Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


it won’t have >30fps. unless you want to see xboxs on fire around the world.


Sorry bro, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Xbox One x goes to 60 FPS after the next update, 1s May too, only the original May struggle to handle higher.

Xbox has been running 1080 60 for most games for a while I doubt something as resource wimpy as PUBG is going to cause to many problems when games like Morrowwind run at a far higher clip without issue


now i have this stuck in my head


Maybe you want to compare it to something like Ark with regards to development and a small indie team.

Also you’re wrong about lots of games at 1080p, 60fps. Have a look at the list below and pick out all the first person shooters.


I still don’t know why Xbox or PS can’t do a proper keyboard and mouse setup for games.

Oh and before you go the third party stuff it’s crap and i’ve been there before.

Even steam now supports a ps4 controller! Just plug it in with a cord!


The only one I’ve played on PS4 that you can actually properly use a mouse and keyboard on is Fortnite.

Warframe you can use a keyboard for the chat but that’s it I think.


Sad state of affairs.

I could sort of understand Microsoft cause they don’t want it to compete pc and xbox but Sony really are missing out.


Sony don’t give a ■■■■, they patched out putting linux on their ps3s.


That’s true. If we go by console launch parties its;

Microsoft > Nintendo > Sony.

Microsoft had their launch in a nightclub with free booze all night, tons of goodies and they gave away 25 consoles.

Nintendo was a bit more boring having it in a movie theatre but the freebie pack was excellent. Free drinks but no alcohol.

Sony did it in a lecture theatre and had boring people talk and a 2 minute video. They gave a shirt to per store team (team of 10).


Also Target has the Sony VR + Camera + 2 games for $399 tomorrow.

Wondering if I should pick it up.

Anyone here have one? Thoughts?


That list is from 2016 :joy:

That’s more up to date


Because keyboard and mouse suck on console. You don’t get a console to use that sort of setup. Console is for people who want to game on 55 inch tvs while sitting on the couch.


You said most on the Xbox, not the Xbox One X.

Also my computer and PS4 is nicely hooked up in the home theatre. 110 inches of niceity. My PS3 is actually hooked up to a 27 inch TV with the steering wheel. I find driving on the large screen ‘larger than life’ so it doesn’t feel right and you need a desk for support.

I find it odd you’d put people who buy a console into any category. Who cares what anyone else does?

If anything you sound anti PC as opposed to any of us being pro pc.


I’m not anti pc I’m anti pc people who bag console, it’s like vegans bagging postman


judge each game on its merit’s, not it’s platform.

Still love me some COD and Gran Turismo 5 on console.


Yep. As per my original post. Fark FPS (first person shooter) on a console. Hooray for NBA and GT on a console.


That’s it


Yes and fps have no business anywhere near a console.


Especially if you need aim assist