Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


Any xbox users signed up for game pass? I’m thinking about it, just wondering if it’s worthwhile. I don’t have xbox live cos I’m not really concerned with playing online.


Cannot wait for GoW 4


Looks kinda ■■■■■■ to me… Dark Souls rip-off. What happened to its unique gameplay?


Bloodborne is free on PS+ this month, so thought I would give it a try.
Already stuck on the second boss and he is doing my head in!!

Currently still obsessed with Fortnite aswell.


Whose that, Father Gascione?

Had my hands full for a while… i found it easier if you got out of the graveyard and ran up the stairs and fought him on the balcony, no obstacles to get stuck on when rolling out of his attacks. Then when he transforms into the final beast stage - just spam molotovs or keep trying to shoot-parry his frequent attacks and he goes down real quick…


Does anyone want to hear my rant about the Shudderwock?


Sure let it rip


Ughhh… I’ve stopped playing until blizzard sorts that ■■■■ out.


■■■■■■ over Sony and Bethesda. My ps4 crashes on Fallout 4. Keep getting the application has crashed error. Contact Sony. Sony say it’s Bethesda’s issue as its an application error. Contact Bethesda about getting a patch put for it as numerous Sony users are repoeting this.

Bethesda say it’s Sony’s issue.

I asked Sony if it due to my 2TB HDD I installed. They said no as my playstation has had no issue running Fortnite or Witcher 3.


The Shudderwocky rant (Hearthstone Witchwood expansion)

It was funny for about 5 seconds. It was mildly amusing for a further 2 seconds. And then it sucked every ounce of fun and joy out of the game.

It is an insanely powerful card. Also, it’s not random, it’s predictable. It’s BORING.

I’ll give a football analogy:

Imagine that Essendon played North Melbourne in every single home and away game for the whole season, every game is a North Melbourne ‘home’ game played at Subiaco; And in every game the umpires are always Matthew Nicholls, Ray Chamberlain and Troy Pannell.

If you’re still with me, now imagine that North Melbourne recruited Courtney Johns. They have an average team all over the ground, but Courtney Johns is awesome. He kicks 14 goals a game, every game without fail.

Every game is over about halfway into the second quarter. Essendon launch a come back in the remaining 2 and a half quarters of junk time, but always in vain for we can never beat the might of Courtney Johns, he just toys with us. We lose every game by 7 points.

Question: who would still follow Essendon in the AFL if that were to happen?


There’s your problem. playing hearthstone


I’ve got a 2TB installed and I was getting issues with Fallout 4 as well. But then I’ve had issues with every Bethesda game on PS3 and PS4.

Addicted to Fortnite at the moment though. For a shooter (which I generally don’t like) it’s a pretty chill waste of time.


I had no issue with Skyrim. But you would think with the issues. They would look into it


A Pro Player literally got up and left when this card was played in a pro game.


Just Pre-Ordered God of War from JB which I’m amped for.

On top of that I’ve got Farcry 5 sitting there waiting for me to play it and MLB 18 on its was as well.

Love this time of year for gaming.


You speaketh the truth. I’m addicted and I feel like I have no control over my habits.


It’s ■■■■■■ you need to drop 80 bucks 4 times a year to have a functional deck


I’m not that addicted. Never spent a cent of real money on the game in about three years.

But yep, the drawback is that you lose 90% of the time in the first couple of months of a new exapansion.

There are always cheaper decks that punch above their weight, but who has that much time to study them all?


I got friends that do it. They hate life


GoW 4 is great. Kratos the old ■■■■■■■ is still cold. Downside is the upgrading menu used to upgrade weapons and armour.