Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


AOE2 Multiplayer is STILL the bomb.


For those that like a turn-based mini-xcom-like puzzle solver - INTO THE BREACH (from the makers of FTL) is a fantastically designed and very satisfyingly balanced game. Very different to FTL (although with some similarities in that it has heaps of varied replayability and satisfying achievement hunting). Not quite as hard - but also a lot less RNG dependent, meaning you win or lose more in regards to your own decisions. As addictive and time-sinking as FTL.


Got MGSV: Phantom Pain on Humble Bundle pretty cheap not long ago. Tremendous game.


Absolutely fantastic game to the extent that you view it as an open world sandbox. But easily the worst Metal Gear entry.

Very polarising in that respect. Didnt stop me putting over 100 hours into it and enjoying every minute of it, however.


MGS4 imo, but understand what you mean.


Actually I have never played MGS4, so I may have to take your word for it, had a XBOX360 over PS3 back in the day.


I have mixed feelings. I loved parts of it… but parts very frustrating. As Alex said, some of the open world fun you can have is great.

MGSII was my favorite installment.


The rain event with Quiet was a bit odd.


Haven’t had that yet? But being Kojima I assume some level of deviancy…


You need to go back to base with Quiet on a helicopter when it’s raining.


Where is the gamertag list? I am looking to add some to my XBOX/Microsoft not sure what it is. I play on PC .


Finally enjoying Fallout 4. The first 10 hours are a drag but then it all clicks and the quality shines through.

God of War 4 is quite possibly the best game on the PS4.


Doing some travel for work and bought a 3DS. Playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time since I was a kid. Breath of the Wild is the first game to overtake it but I can see why this was my favourite of all time for so long.


Didn’t know you could get that on 3ds. Almost worth getting a 3ds just for that.


They remade OoT AND Majoras Mask for it!


Also 3DS is pretty cheap now. Like 280 new. Or the new 2DS is 50 bucks cheaper I think but I went for the 3D for collectibility


The switch isn’t much more than that tho?


yeah i paid 300 for my switch.


Cannot wait for this Bethesda announcement


is there a online gaming equivalent of over 35s fourth division? any one.

instead of running into competitive gaming nerds who destroy me in 20 sec flat.

i have a playstation 4.