Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs

Agree it was a disappointing showcase overall. Spidey looks amazing but still doesn’t have a firm release date and there was a lack of first party titles outside of that.

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Yep disapointing showcase maybe Sony are saving the big guns for Summer Game Fest

Spider Man 2
Assains Creed Mirage

Only two games that caught my eye the rest was meh

I’ve had my ps5 for a touch over a year now. And I think the only game I’ve played that I wouldn’t have been able to play on ps4 is Demon’s Souls

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But you could play that on PS3 :joy:

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The remake so that my character doesn’t look like a shiny potato

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On the catwalk at Fashion Week in Sydney last week were some models displaying a few Avatar outfits (but only the ones that a dress maker can actually make in real life) which you can buy for your metaverse life. I was told by someone who worked there for the week that some of the dresses you can buy for your avatar will cost you a cool $500k. Jeepers.

The point of this above info is fashion designer programmers in the metaverse appear to becoming filthy rich. This is where the money is…

What a wonderful world.