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A few years ago we had poo jogger. Now we have poo climber.

Some positive news for civilians in Syria. . The Syrian Government has agreed to UN access to deliver UN humanitarian aid through two crossings for a further three months.


Yeah, that will work.



Looks like Liseberg Oceana Waterworld theme park in Gothenburg won’t be opening this summer.
Seems like there’s a gas leak or flammable gasses from construction and it ignites in the slide (as well as elsewhere.


The UN has estimated that 18 million civilians in Yemen require humanitarian aid.
A special UN envoy recently visited Yemen, talked with different representatives across society in addition to the official government. He made a point of meeting with young Yemeni adults in civil society
The Civil War truce holds .
Meanwhile, reportedly the Houthis attacked a Greek owned ship carrying grain destined for Iran.


That’s enough interwebs for today

Can’t post the link as Blitz blocks it :rofl: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:


Electrifying indeed


Still isn’t the most disturbing thing to happen in Footscray.

Go Greece!


Well the Greeks were the original pioneers of homosexuality so it’s only fair that that after 3000 years they legalised it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Homosexuality was around long before the Greeks.


I know but it’s a running joke between the Greeks and Italians at work.
The Italians run with “Greeks invented sex but we were the first to do it with a female” and the Greeks run with “The Romans invented sex but the Greeks were the first to do it with a human” :rofl:


Classic movie but a bit close to home.


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Yeah…but the Greeks made it compulsory.

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve found out that some people still don’t know about Alexander the Great…

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Wait until they hear about Achilles and Patroclus.

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They all watched Troy with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, and know that Achilles was bonking Briseis.

According to recent UNCTAD reports, there is a major realignment of global shipping routes following conflicts in the Black Sea, Red Sea and arising from the effects of drought in the Panama Canal route.
Trade volume via Suez decreased by 42% over the last 2 months, weekly container ship transit by 67%.
In the Panama Canal shipping is down by 36% on last year.
In addition to economic costs, it is estimated that higher fuel consumption via the Cape of Good Hope could lead to a 70% increase in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the Suez route.
There is a comprehensive study of 15 February - Navigating troubled waters - together with an UNCTAD press release summary of 22 February - Disruption in key global supply routes in the Suez and Panama Canals, Black Sea.