Grand Final Entertainment


doesn’t matter who they get, there will always be a percentage of people who will complain. Move on.


I think it’s more that people constantly compare them to the Super Bowl.


‘Human’ was up there.


Just book Clutch and be done with it.



When You Were Young was one of the biggest rock hits of the noughties.

Somebody Told Me/Smile Like You Mean It were big hits off Hot Fuss

Read My Mind to me is one of the better songs of recent times but probably didn’t “bang” on radio as much.

Everyone knows Human, plenty know Spaceman


Oh yeah, the NRL is great at entertainment. Who’ll ever forget the guy who sings the “wanted” bit from Bon Jovi’s “Wanted, Dead or Alive” and played it with his girlfriend last year?


NRL will probably get the biggest Band in Australia right now.

Violent Soho. Brisbane boys and big Broncos supporters. Not to mention one of the best live bands going around.


Black eyed peas… and Barnesy to play the show after.

Just get chisel! Make everyone happy


Together at last.




Ditch the bands.

Replace with a panel of Barret, McClure and Browne talking about trade rumours. Give the people what they want.


Al Jolson.


oddest combination in half time entertainment history?


I’m sorry… I turn on at 2:30 and watch the game (occasionally I won’t even last to the final siren these days), and I get up and make a coffee/grab a beer/have a p i s s etc. during the breaks.

As far as anything else goes…



Gil can you please get Kenny G next year. I want to see if Baker is telling the truth.


A Kenny G / Michael Bolton double act pls.


Black Eyed Peas? A washed up act that was popular 10-15 years ago. Standard


i find the whole premise of getting in american ‘talent’ to do half time entertainment for a sport they would never have heard about and could not give a flying ■■■■ about, stupid to begin with… at least barnsey would know what a fkg sherrin is


Black eyed peas?

Sounds racist


It doesn’t work. People are chatting amongst themselves. Sound is either too loud and/or too crap. Interest factor is very low.

Just put up clips of best goals, marks, tackles, blunders, close finishes etc and you will get a very good number watching that.